Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's Sewing On

When I bought the additional sewing machines, the second question (the first question was how much) from DH was about where in heck I was going to put them. I can see he had visions of me colonizing another area over to fiber. Certainly wasn't going to be in my loom room, which I love just as it is. Open areas, dogs and pins don't make for a good match, especially with a youngster who feels the need to troll the floors for anything interesting and nothing annoys me more than having a cat lie on my sewing. I told him to never fear, I had a space which I had colonized a long time ago that was just perfect.

The master bedroom closet. It's huge! The house plan had originally called for a smaller closet and a small master bath and hall bathroom since they would back each other . Let's be real here, the amount of real estate I want or need for my daily washroom rituals is very small. I don't feel the need to have yet a third bathroom to clean, nor do I spend a lot of time in that room. But a big roomy closet is always useful.

I took it over long ago when I had many more clothes than I do now. Most of my stuff are items that prefer folding, not hanging like skirts, dresses and blouses. In fact, with the removal of all the coats I seem to have started storing (downstairs to the coat closet where they belong and some to Goodwill), I had a ton of room. Room I could close off from snoopy sniffers and feline nappers. Hence the additional sewing area was born.

It works quiet well too. And only steps away from the original sewing area still in use.

I have a few shelves empty for fabrics, a decent cutting space, a nice long shelf DH put up for me, and good lighting. You might even recognize some of the fabric.

I found another pattern and immediately thought of the orange mixed wool fabric for the back yoke panel on the little sleeveless jacket.

Coupled with some lovely wool I've had for years, I think it will work.
This is the latest sewing project, a little work frock in a fine wale cord and I've had that pattern/fabric combo around for quite a while too.

Over the weekend I made a paper pattern from a top my mother bought me during her visit that I love. Then I copied it into fabric.

The original is a heavy french terry cloth, the copy also french terry but not near as nice in weight or quality.

This is a big problem with internet shopping of fabric and we are lacking terribly in this area for fabric stores. Any suggestions of good internet fabric sites for clothing fabrics is very welcome!

A little weaving has gone on too. I've been working slow but steady on the pillowcase warp and finally, all the prayers for Prayer flags are written out and cut into strips. I'll be weaving those up today I hope. They need to get done and out to the folks who have requested them and I refuse to start another warp until they are.

For Parting Shots, A Duo of Diligence.


  1. what a great new sewing area! I'm drooling over that closet just for my clothes, this house has a small master closet.

  2. Great job setting up the sewing nook! I went to the website for The Sewing Workshop...they have some neat patterns! Thank you for sharing that! The pic of the pups with their nyla bones sure brings back some memories!!!

  3. First, I have to get the jealousy out of my head for that closet and the dedicated space. Mine is the dining room. That said, I'm so excited that I'm not the only one who has discovered again the pleasures of sewing.

    I wore my newest t-shirt yesterday to meet my friends to knit at the coffeehouse, and Darla, who came a little later literally reached out to touch the sleeve and exclaimed, I love your top! It was the fabric and I know exactly what you're saying. When I went to Mood, I had studied my patterns and put the yardages in my phone. I only have four more pieces left and then I'm going to have to find a fabric source, obviously not local. Woven yardage in in my future.

  4. Cindie, I have so few clothes these days it was in danger of being recolonized by Gene. Never ever give up a closet!

    LA, they do have some nice patterns. I have a ZigZag shirt pattern on order.
    We go through a lot of nyla bones. They are about the only safe toy for this hoard of heavy chewers.

    Sharon, Mood is on-line but it simply isn't the same thing. Your t-shirt was awesome, I bet it looked fab.
    I am lucky to this space both for weaving and sewing. It doesn't look it but the sewing table is 8 feet long. Granted my few hanging shirts are tucked down at the end, but really, much better use. I measured yesterday and the space is 11 x 9. I've had rooms smaller than that... wonder if I can tuck a loom in there...;)

  5. and all because you decided you didn't need another bathroom to clean! Good planning on your part. as for me I am soooo re-thinking the huge closet in the master bedroom at the condo.
    have a grand day!
    denise/deBRAT of the newly combined all of my blogs allofmylives.blogspot

  6. What a great idea for a new sewing area! You're right-who needs another bathroom to clean? I like the way that you have everything set up. I bet that having the space just like you want it will make you even more productive this winter :-) There's just something grand about having your own space.