Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Crappy Post!

Sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow? Pick one because we had all of the above yesterday. Five in the morning found me not only feeding horses but getting the heated water buckets set up. I put it off because Sunday, temps were in the 60's and the horses were wearing fly masks. I left my hose attached to the no freeze facet, and thankfully, the hose hadn't frozen up solid so I was able to fill those buckets. The horses certainly appreciated the warmer water as it was refilled at evening feed time. They also liked that the cold temps had finally given them and their ears some relief from the gnats.

One of the worst jobs in this weather is cleaning up the dog pen. If you've ever had to clean up after dogs on regular basis you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you're dang lucky. I even have little ditties to make the job seem more fun. Hi ho Hi ho, it's off to scoop we go....You get the picture. I've made stuff up using tunes ranging from Man of La Mancha ( To Scoop the Impossible Poop) to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I'll spare you that one. No matter what song I sing it's always the same. I diligently get everything clean, survey my fresh slate and then...one of the little treasures decides it's simply too perfect now and decides to poop. They then trot by me, tail up and quite pleased with themselves as I stand, rain hat and gloves soggy, scooper in hand, shoulders drooped (often soaked) and feeling defeated. I imagine them giggling at the back door. Trying to get someone else to muster a crap and realize this is the universes way of getting even with me for my childish tricks on my great Grandmother. My GG was senile, older than Moses and compulsively folded things and made the bed. She lived with my grandparents. As a 3 year old, I loved nothing more than running through the bathroom door, (it had a hallway door too) pulling down her freshly made bed and then streaking out the bedroom door to wait to in the hall to do it all again. Other times it was whatever clothing items she was folding that I would dart through and muss up. I tortured that woman. She had no idea who I was, sometimes she thought I was my grandmother. After the second round one of the adults would catch on and chastise me and I would go on to other daily pursuits. But there you have it, pay back. It's obvious that Great Grandma Ludwig has a sense of humor. And so do I! )

A fitting parting shot!


  1. I feel your frustration...I often said my pups were full of it!!! But, doesn't Stella look spiffy in her coat!

  2. Connor would do much the same and it seemed there was always one last pile!

    Connor also had a plaid blanket coat and loved to wear it. He would carry it around the house until you put it on him, then sit by the door.
    Coat = go out for a ride.

    simple huh?


  3. Ha. We just watched 7 Brides For 7 Brothers last night. Now you've got me wondering...

    I'm glad I don't have a dog pen to clean up. Goats are bad enough.

  4. I call Twill the poop machine, I can't imagine having more of her to pick up after!
    Sounds like fall/winter has arrived in the hills above Ashland. Stay warm!

  5. That sounds like winter has hit there! Still above freezing here even after those light Oct. frosts. Appropriate back side shot of Stella. ;)

  6. Great Grandma Karma is great, love the hiney shot, very appropriate! Sasha's a pooper too, just when I think she done, there is always a surprise second go.

  7. I thought that final shot said "farting glance" and had to do a double take. My new glasses come next week.

  8. LOL! Good one Sharon, good one.

  9. Can there be comfort in knowing I am doing the same thing each day between sheep poop and dog poop? (<: Love the last view...as if to say...we know.