Thursday, December 9, 2010

All Parting Shots

Gene's idea of a great holiday card.

2. Yes, Virginia, I can get an unappealing shot of Stella.

Several in fact.


  1. Tell Gene that the picture is WRONG on so many levels! (But, I did chuckle as I thought of the many times she might have made you think that!!!)

  2. oh my gosh! I had to look twice at that shot. Does Stella know about this!

  3. She's just doing her Miss Piggy imitation.

  4. Cindie, Stella has no clue she has been showcased in less than "stellar" pictures.
    LA it is wrong, I agree with you! Gene has had fun with photo shop for years. I've had dogs with x-ray eyes, dogs photoshopped into stuck big rigs that insist on using this road as a shortcut, even though it's illegal.
    I've had dogs in large pots of soup, flowers etc.
    It all makes me wonder what I should do for Christmas dinner!

  5. That's hilarious!!!! Gene sounds like he has a great sense of humor!

  6. To be fair (about the unflattering pictures after the first one) none of us looks good from that angle!

  7. The most delightful attribute to have is a sense of humor! Gene wins! Priceless! and Stella my love, you're dahlin'!

  8. Judy and Nancy, yes, Gene does have a sense of humor.
    Sometimes he can be a bit of pain but most times he comic relief is welcome.

    Nancy, Stella is dahlin isn't she. Even at a bad angle as Renee pointed out. Even the most beautiful of faces couldn't withstand that type of shot. I had woken her up from her beauty sleep too. Uncle Jack makes a nice bolster. Hmm, better not say that near Gene.....