Thursday, December 16, 2010

What Ever Happened To....?

Since my weaving time has been cut out due to a wrist sprain ( left one and I'll no doubt live), I figured I would catch you up on some weaving that has been done!

Remember the alpaca/linen/mohair warp that was on Hannah Hollandia when my folks came to visit? Well, I decided it was too open and weak for a long scarf, but it would make a fantastic and artsy short little collar type scarf/dickie and that's exactly what I did with it.

I folded it over, left the ends (although some do need a bit of trimming), did a loose knotting, found a vintage button that my Mom had actually saved at one point and there you have it. It feels softer on your neck than I ever would have thought too.

Some of you readers might remember that my Dad received some very fine silk while he was visiting and spirited it up to his bag to make a scarf when he got home. He did indeed do just that and what a beautiful scarf he made!

This is done in a light silver grey and gold. The warp was the silver silk, the weft the gold and the pattern is a snowflake design from Twill Thrills if memory serves. I didn't want to show it earlier since this was a part of their annual holiday dessert party and the scarf was given to the person whose name was drawn from the hat. Since it has gone to it's new lucky owner I felt it safe.

I was sorely tempted to send a lot of paper scraps with my name on them believe me!

It's interesting to see the different styles of weaving isn't it?

Now the shuttle throwing is out for a week or two, but sewing is not. I've been busy on gifts which I can't show and getting my ducks in a row for when I can start on some sewing for myself again. I've made use of some sales both over the Internet and locally. The medium weight denim (with a tad of stretch), is earmarked for pants.

The lovely 100% silk grey and white daisy print is for a blouse. The black that is next to it is some old fabric I had that is close in weight.

I will make a test blouse before I cut into that silk since there is none to spare on a mistake. In fact, I will have to make the blouse collar-less, which is fine by me. I'm also opting not to do the sleeve cuffs as I don't really like them on short sleeves.

The Heather Ross Kokka fabric has yet to decide what it wants to be. I have some options but haven't settled on one. The scene on the blue is The Owl and the Pussycat. I just love it.

I think I can thread this up without problems.

Its a town day today, the sleigh needs to deliver this down to the lovely ladies at my favorite store, The Webster's.

There's stocking stuffers for critters to get and I suppose I will have to decide on a holiday feast pretty soon. I'm thinking tenderloin. Parting shot: Fodder for Gene to Photoshop no doubt as he too might be thinking tenderloin!


  1. Beautiful scarves - both! That pants pattern is great! I almost bought that one myself. Will be interested to see how they come out.

  2. you don't even need to photo shop Stella as tenderloin. I could see it as soon as I read your words!

    Wow..that's a lot of sewing ahead. Makes me wonder what potential is up in my fabric better not go there right now.

    Lovely scarves! Wow..hope who ever got the silk truly appreciates it.

  3. The scarves are amazing...and all the range right now! Stella just gets cuter all the time, even when she poses as a tenderloin.

  4. I definitely want to see those pants modeled next time I see you - I bought that pattern quite a while ago but haven't made them yet. Marcy Tilton lives just a few miles from our previous house in CJ, just south of here. We've had her come speak at guild meetings in the past, she does it for almost free since it's in her own backyard - very inspiring.

  5. LA, Stella if anything is versatile! She can portray a great sausage too and a loaf of bread. Her talents are endless. Imagine , a dual career, runway model and actor!
    Cindie, I promise when I get them made I'll make sure
    I wear them when we have a date. Evelyn, maybe you should pick up that pattern and Cindie, you and I can all see the dang things together after the first of the year. A virtual sew-a-long.
    Valerie, The gal who got it certainly was beaming in the pic my Dad sent. Oh, it is dangerous business visiting those fabric stashes. :)

  6. You are my left coast twin I swear. I have that pattern and some silk fabric somewhere and I love that owl and pussycat and that dog and that yellow and those scarves.

    Now where did I put my blog??

  7. I am so jealous. I packed away all my sewing accoutrement from the dining room today. I lust to sew but I have to do some serious cleaning for our Christmas Eve open house.

  8. I am pretty sure Stella is my dog's "mini-me". :)

  9. Hey, just wanted to thank you for the incredibly lovely basket of goodies, including handwoven goodies. Web-sters loves Theresa right back! The scarves are gorgeous, and I just realized I now have someone to gift the three skeins of very!!! fine white silk I've had for a couple of years. Too fine for my taste, but I bet either you or your Dad would have a blast with it ;-) After the new year I'll get together with you and send yarn your way.

    I love Marcy's patterns, have a few but it's been way too long since I actually made clothing, especially for myself.

    Stella is such a doll. What a special little girl.

    Have a wonderful Christmas! Talk to you soon.

  10. LOTL, oh my it does sound like we're twins and it looks like Stella has her "twin" on the northern east coast. Jabberwarpy, good to see you visit! Can you imagine the two together. Stella may be mini, but as you know being terrier she is mighty. ;)
    Kris, Glad everyone is enjoying the humble gift basket
    and you all are most welcome.
    Maybe 2011 should be the year we all grab a pattern we've wanted to make and just do it. My Dad is quickly becoming versed in the ways of silk, but then again, I am thinking on my white on white weaving year still!
    I will pass the word onto Stella ( she's going to need a uhaul just for her ego no doubt....)
    Ho Ho, if I don't make it down have a wonderful holiday.

  11. What nice woven scarves!! There are so many variations that make weaving so fascinating.

    It sounds like you have some fun sewing ahead of you.

    Merry Christmas!