Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New and Improved

Besides still feeling like a bloated tick right now from taking the notion of "Make Merry" to heart, I have managed to accomplish an upgrade on the Julia loom.

One of the many wonderful gifts I received was a kit to turn Julia into a countermarche loom from her original counterbalance status.

Of course, I had to untie her, again, and unthread. And I forgot to put the cross back in, but rethreading proved easy and it is only a nine inch warp. Here are some pics of the finished upgrade showing the CM head and jacks that have replaced the bar and horses.

The upgrade took a bit of careful reading and certainly some measuring of the bundles of pre-cut Texsolv, but the one thing that was truly brilliant was the treadle tie method. Best of all, it worked perfectly and I have the best shed I've ever gotten on that loom. Basically you take the treadles off the bar at the back,

rest them on top of the rear support and do your tie-up. It grades the harnesses perfectly. I've fallen in love with this loom all over again.

The snooperviser/weaver in training had to do a thorough inspection to make sure all was up to his lofty standards.

The same weaving Santa who gifted the loom upgrade also included other thoughtful weaving gifts. A McMorran Yarn Balance and a wonderful sley hook from Vavstuga, there was a perfect German made hand drill too and all can be tucked in with shuttles and such into this very handy heavy canvas Boat Riggers Bag.

Not to be outdone Mrs. Claus, sent along a beautiful quilt that matches everything perfectly. It made snuggling in Christmas night extra special. It's beautiful!

The elf crew here also did themselves proud and the sewing room got a new addition.
A late 50's Singer Red S Featherweight 221. She may be small (they really are very small, almost toy sized), but oh what a sweet little machine she is.

Manufactured right around the time I was and I might add, in almost mint condition.

I would love to say we got lots of pics of the dogs and their stocking stuffers, but the truth is with 8 dogs and many toys, it was all we could do to keep the squabbling down. There is always "that" toy someone has and another wants and we needed to keep watchful eyes and ears tuned to negotiate delicate treaties between terrier clans. It's never easy and even Stella was vying for something other than a rubber ball. I can offer up these though.

Who wouldn't want this under their tree, or in our case, on the loom bench!

We capped off the day with roasted beef tenderloin, mashed, gravy, greens, tangerine mousse and a lovely bottle of wine.

While the holiday was bountiful in so many ways, the magic of it (and every day really) is this parting shot. Two good old friends, sharing a walk. Priceless.


  1. Wonderful to have a countermarche convert!!! What a sweet loom!

    Love, love, love any and all dog photos! Bailey loves to unwrap too.

    Tangerine mousse....tres fancy! Sounds like a great Christmas.

    Our version of the blizzard was only 6 inches of snow. I'm a little shocked because I know it was much worse around us. It did force us to relax which is a good thing!


  2. Santa left a haul at your house!!! I'm very glad your loom has been duly inspected and passed muster!

  3. Oh..sounds like a wonderful holiday!! Where ever did they find the feather weight?! Quilters have snatched those up and tend to hang onto them for dear life.

    Okay...gotta ask, why the hand drill with the weaving equipment?

    Happy New Year!

  4. My only sewing machine is a Featherweight, gifted to me years ago by my dad and his quilter wife. It's the only kind of sewing machine I know how to use! Needless to say, looms look and sound incredibly complicated to me, which is why there is no attraction there at all.

  5. Oh this just makes me feel cozy and warm inside! Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I always have admired the Julia loom but then I love red things. Red and shiny even better!
    The dogs are as precious as always.
    Have a great New Year!

  6. I am in awe of your weaving abilities let alone your brazen ways to take apart and restructure Julia! wow. But oh those pups...what a hoot. Love the snoopervisor!
    And looks to be your winter is in full swing...thanks for sharing your holiday!

  7. I am intrigued by your conversion of the Julia.
    You are the brave one!!!!!
    Love your dog inspector.

  8. Sue, you got off easy with the snow. Folks got about 14 inches

    Valerie, there is a lady locally that refurbishes them. I have heard quilters just love them too. Maybe, dare I say, I might do just a titch of quilting, something small
    to really try her out.

    The hand drill, well I'm always rearranging stuff and often in the loom room adding hanging storage, hence the drill. Used on the Julia actually to set the hooks into the shafts for the outer cords of the CM system to them.
    Michelle, they really aren't. It's just a lot of steps, but none of them hard. I can give you a quick easy lesson in an afternoon if you are ever down this way.
    NOW I know who to ask for featherweight information!
    I'm with you Renee, love red shiny things. I truly think looms should come in colors. Why do they have to be plain Jane I ask? You have a good New Years too. I love the challenge you have set forth and your last post truly has caused a lot of thought.

    Nancy, I'd be willing to bet you have sat on that barn floor with something as complicated if not more so,trying to fix it. Now I find dyes complicated with this thing and that. :)
    Yes, the snooperviser is a hoot. Never have I met a more curious dog. Too dang clever for his own good too.

    Glad everyone enjoyed the pup picks. BTW, Dennett will be 18 come January and Peter turns 16. My two little old men.

  9. Hilary,

    I am just finally coming to terms that a CM system for me is the best. I will say Glimakra's instructions are very good, but it is a bit confusing turning one system over to another rather than starting with the final system. At least if I decide to add shafts, it will be a piece of cake.

  10. I've never woven on a countermarche loom so I'm not sure why you would want to change your loom from a counterbalance to it.

    Sewing machine is so cute. Amazing how good those little old machine still run.

    Love all the pics of the dogs. Cute!!!!!

  11. bspinner, for unbalanced sheds it is much nicer to have the CM. Although there are work arounds for a CB, this is a small loom with a smaller shed even in a balanced CB mode.
    Plus, it drove me absolutely nuts the shafts going uneven as they are apt to do on a swedish type loom.
    Didn't affect the weaving, just the weaver...:)
    Yes, old sewing machines certainly had durability.

  12. That is the sewing machine I grew up sewing on. I didn't know it had a name, but I am flooded with memories. I loved it, but it fell out of it's carrying case and onto the floor and was ruined. It's wonderful to see one again.