Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Yarn Princess

Doesn't everyone have one! She keeps away the weaving gremlins so that I can find what I need when I need it. I do give her a helping hand once in a while by organizing and sorting the stash. Mostly she manages to make sure nothing comes in (besides me) and misplaces something. We both agreed that plastic containers for some things might make our jobs easier. Yarn herding can be so time consuming! 
No weaving happened yesterday but I did manage to finish an itty bitty sample on the Mini Weaver I bought a few weeks ago. I was testing colors for the blanket Gene requested and the sample just happened to be a perfect size for a little Yarn Princess lap blanket. ;-) The stash itself got another overhaul. Cottons came out of the closet to the tall shelf and wools and silks went in. I'm running out of room.

 Fibers of one sort or another are spreading out all around the house. Roving, top and rug wool is living in the cedar chest that serves as a coffee table, some roving has migrated upstairs and is taking up drawer and basket space. Fabric rags are in plastic bags in the hall closet and we won't even talk about the fabrics on hand from years of quilting.  And speaking of quilting, I rediscovered two quilts, both just needing binding to be finished. I really need to sit down and complete that last step and use them! Another find was a hand painted piece of fabric I did that has some beautiful pictorial reverse quilting on it. That's where you apply fabric to the back and cut away the top to reveal the fabric in a design then stitch it down, sort of like a mola.  There must have been something about it I wasn't happy with, but looking at it I can't figure out what. I'll have to at least finish the scene I started and see.

The weaving will be slim today. The poor steady Subaru wagon, my chariot, is going into the shop. He hasn't been acting properly and we fear it's major. Unlike my yarn areas the way I keep my car is like an alter ego. It's a pit. No nice way around it. He hauls bags of grain, we've thrown hay bales in there, young deer (the fire dept. rescued a young one off the lake after it fell through the ice and we transported her down to lower elevation in the back of my car) goats have crowded in there (uninvited) , the dogs have all been sick in it at one time or another, mice (also uninvited) and there are enough Starbucks Frappaccino bottles in the back to start my own bottling plant. Today I'll spruce him up so the they can at least put the seat back to get in. Tomorrow, I'll limp him down the mountain with fingers crossed that he'll make it into the shop before giving up the ghost. It likely will be a long and expensive stay at the mechanic motel. Maybe he needs a little car prince?


  1. That's a serious yarn stash!!

    That's cool that you found some projects "incubating" that you like now!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of them sometime!!

    Good luck with your car tomorrow! Fingers crossed that it won't be too bad!


  2. A yarn princess - too cute!
    So did Gene like the blanket sample?

    Ooh, look at that yarn stash!! Just wonderful!

    Sorry to hear about your car :-( I hope they can get it fixed up quickly for you!

  3. LOL, it's taken quite a while to build up that stash! Of course the cones of Harrisville Shetland beefed it all up at once. Lots of sweater quantity yarn too.
    Thank you both for the good wishes on the car repairs.

  4. Oh I think a little car princess would work well for the subaru - he might be motivated to respond to her!

    You scare me with the yarn stash - I've just started this weaving in the last year and I see how many keep such a stash. I'm curious to see what happens at my house!