Saturday, April 11, 2009

Honey Buns

I made the most amazing discovery on my trek to downtown Ashland yesterday. Those of you that watch quilting or sewing shows might already know about these but I hadn't until yesterday. A Honey Bun is a big fat roll of pre-sliced fabric! They have 1.5 inch widths and 2.5 inch widths. And no calories!!! There may be many more out there but that was what was available at Fabrics of Vision on the main drag. I have a small important project in mind which requires fabric and a few other things. I was all set to pick out some new pieces to compliment what I had pulled from my stash when I stumbled on the buns.
Needless to say, one came home with me.  As a bonus for this project they also had some lovely duponi silk pieces for sale. The selection and sizes varied and after quite a bit of playing around, a few also made it into the bag as "bun enhancers."
While fabric proved easy to find for the project, small brass bells where not. Ashland has 3 bead shops ( how DO they all stay in business??) and not one had any small bells. I was saved an internet search by a lovely store named Soundpeace, which has many things like singing bowls and new age books and music. They had lovely strings of small brass bells. Just what I was looking for.  A few other little goodies got into the bag and I was off to the Webster's for a quick look see and to pick up some old Ornament magazines. Thanks Kris, they are wonderful and inspiring.
Cookie A's new sock book came home also.

By the time I got back to the truck, which I managed to street park without hitting anything, there was barely enough room for me. It was snowing here when I left and raining on and off in town. Neither the groceries nor the 60 pounds of dog food could go in the uncovered back. The single cab was pretty darn stuffed. All in all a good Friday!

The one thing we didn't get to was putting up curtain rods, so no pictures yet but hopefully, we'll get things proper over the weekend


  1. Looks like something interesting will be coming our way soon....bells, silk, honeybuns! Good stuff!! Those honeybuns are a great discovery!! Good for quilters....great for weavers! Are they one big strip of the same fabric??

    Congrats on successful truck driving!! I had a pickup truck for 1 year....and filling the cab was a constant problem. Plus, we had two dogs at the time...and they liked to go with me when I ran errands....and of course they had to be in the cab too. It was handy for hauling big things around though!


  2. The fabric is in, 40 or 45" strips and is many many fabrics. I haven't taken the bun apart yet. Looks so pretty just the way it is!