Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bob is Great, Bob is Good

Some weeks just feel like you are shoveling the proverbial crap before the tide. This week was one of them for me at least. Outside I had so much to do I didn't know where to start. I skipped Monday cleaning...enough said on that front. ;-) 
First up really was attending to the paddock gate area. If anyone wants some nice horse manure, come and get it.  I've got plenty! Said manure producers ( I need the t-shirt that shows a horse pooping money) are always fascinated when Bob pays a visit into the paddock. Now, if it wasn't for Bob, the hay would have to be hand carted up a hill. If it wasn't for Bob, the manure would have to be hand shoveled. If it wasn't for Bob, the 8 stumps I removed would have to be hand dug and the list goes on. Bob was my constant companion this week in just about all my endeavors outside, even if it was just to carry tools for me. We love Bob and even though he has at times been called old, cranky or ....puny the farm wouldn't run without him. He sports his own burgie too.

Yesterday I took a big break from all the outside chores, got in my little Subaru and went to town, in a number of ways. I really needed a storage solution for all the bits and bobs of yarn. This is what I came up with. They live on the top of the big yarn cabinet and even if I drop one getting it down, it's unbreakable plastic. Everything is nicely visible so I don't have to go digging around the stash for a little something I thought I might have.

We also have a cashmere warp going on the Murphy loom, the first of the gift scarves.
The prayer flag wrap has been woven off and the flags for friends have already been delivered.

The saddle blanket is into the 3 color pattern and needs about another two hours of work to get off the loom. Might get it this weekend, might not. I want to get Mr. Pink Bunny-Ears out for a ride and see if we can get up to the snow line on a trail or two.
The weather is cold and sunny and just perfect to bundle up and conquer a mountain or two.
Finally, I wanted to post my favorite picture of spring!

Flowers may fade, but sheets hung out to dry after a long winter of being machine dried is just heaven.


  1. Theresa, you are always so cleaver with the titles of your posts! I look forward to reading each and every one of your entries.

  2. Bob sounds so wonderful....almost better than certain husbands I know. (NOT naming names!!)

    Great idea for yarn storage!!!

    Cashmere....oooooohhhhh!!! So nice!

    Your hot weather finally made it out here. It's weird to think that it can be so hot out (over 80) and yet there's still snow on our favorite hiking trails. (Although if the heat wave keeps up, we should be able to enjoy snow-free hiking pretty soon!)

    Smell of lined-dried sheets = awesome!

    Happy spring!!