Friday, April 10, 2009

Subaru Come Home!

Well, the POC (poor old car) is in the shop until sometime around the 20th. I guess it is viewing it as a long restful spa treatment. I leaves me without wheels and feeling housebound, if for no other reason that it's not there at my disposal. Gene and I don't share vehicles well. His is decked out with radios and communication stuff for when the fire department gets emergency calls. It makes it difficult to just borrow since he really does need that stuff. This morning, he'll drag out all his gear and I'll  drop him off to pick up the official fire depart. rig and when I get back, we'll do it all in reverse. A PITA for sure. The other aside is I don't like driving the truck and parking it is a harrowing event. I have a hard time parallel parking the little Outback! Beware Ashland folks trouble is coming to town. ;-)

The curtains are done, off the loom, washed, ironed and awaiting hemming and hanging. I'm pleased with them. They aren't fancy, quite rustic really and rather pretty with their Monks Belt border. Pictures coming soon.

I have lots of stuff to choose from to go on the Murphy loom but I'm going to start with a scarf in some yummy Kid Slique from Prism Yarns. I'm going to try weaving in some bits of silk cocoons. The picture doesn't really show all the deep purples in this yarn. The colorway is called Embers.
  I have a number of scarves I want to do and it would seem, not much opportunity to do other stuff, so next week I'll try to do as many as I can. The saddle blanket hasn't been touched in a few days but that is on track to be off the loom this weekend.

Puck has been seen regularly, although not a glimpse of him yesterday. I wasn't really watching for him. It rained just about all day but saved the hail until feeding time for the horses. Looks like it's going to be wet through most of next week too. I may mold!


  1. I had a Dodge Ram Mega Cab 5.7 liter Hemi this week as a rental for a business trip. It drove just fine, but like you I did not like parking it! Fortunately I can walk and ouwl park far away from everyone else!

  2. I'm a terror parallel parking anything - luckily, living where I do, it can mostly be avoided!!

    That's a long time at the spa for your car. Ugh!

    Way to tease us with promises of curtain photos!!! Looking forward to them!


  3. Looking forward to seeing the curtains soon!

    The whole car situation sounds pretty frustrating :-(

    That yarn you have looks really interesting. I can't wait to see it woven up!