Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stash Enhancing Helping Hands- Yarn Update

Tim over at Hawthorne Works (link at right) started this and I think the concept can't be beat. He has offered items from his stash for the cost of postage. The only requirement is whatever the yarn is worth to you, you donate that in some way to a worthy cause. You get yarn, he damps down his stash and someone in your community benefits with a much needed helping hand in these hard times.
I volunteered to take some wonderful rug/saddle blanket wool off his hands. There is lots of it and my donation was to make use of a program my supermarket has in place in conjunction with the local food bank. I grab a special coupon at the register and pay for it with my groceries. It goes directly over to the food bank ( almost next door ) and is given to a local family to shop for what they need, at a reduced rate. I like this instead of taking food over. It's easy for one thing, the other thing is it allows for fresh food and dietary considerations and hopefully, a little more dignity. I'll be doing this every week for the rest of the year.

 Additionally, a bunch of new towels will be going to the local animal shelter next week. They are overflowing with the high rise in owner surrenders of pets.

Now, Tim may have some more stash to move and you should go over to his blog and look around. It's good reading too! I also have some stash to move and can't think of a better way to do so.  The rules are simple, pay me for postage and when you get the stash donate to a cause of your choice what you feel you should.
Onto the stash.

This lovely bowl of yarn has found a new home. Some of it will be heading to NH 
and some to Jennifer at Finding the Real Me blog, over to the right...
My e-mail address is: camprunamuck at hughes dot net.
You all know what to do to make that work for you. ;-)


  1. Theresa,

    I'll take the 4 skeins Noro Kockoran in the greens, lavender and browns. Let me how I can pay you and transfer info.

    Great Idea!


  2. wonderful idea. would love the silk garden please if you would ship to UK?

  3. Jennifer, done, it's on hold for you.

    Ambermoggie, the red silk garden is spoken for and it looks like the Pastaza is too. I may be doing this again as I go through my stash so I'll keep you in mind as I would be happy to ship to the UK.
    Cute picture BTW!

  4. what a great idea!
    I'll be 'stashing' this idea for the future!