Monday, April 20, 2009

The Adventures of Ollie Osborn and the Red Rocket

Ollie Osborn was a bronc rider and I'll bet would have been an interesting gal to know!
She, along with many other notable women of the west, is honored in the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth TX. I wish I had had the chance to go there when I lived in Texas. These women, in their own time and way, broke glass ceilings by the sweat of their brow and the seat of their pants. Ollie is the only Oregon honoree.
The Red Rocket has been sitting in the back yard so to speak, just waiting to launch around on the trails. While Cooper is always the same, Dandy can be a bit unpredictable the first couple of rides of the season. We attribute it to his flaming red coat. Those bright copper penny horses are just a tad hotter than their brown or black counterparts.
In any event, we had an uneventful ride, not that Rocket Man wasn't on the lookout for horse eating monsters at every tree, he was and you could feel him coiled to sprint at any moment. We took it slow and relaxing, making him work some of that energy by trotting up the steep hills and going slow on the flats. It was a beautiful day, with a fine spirited horse. His tune-up time is short, maybe another ride or two and then he'll be ready for Gene or for other more mentally challenging work. He's always fun though with his gregarious personality. These pictures were taken after the ride as the moment I put butt to leather he was eager to be off. The second one is him getting a treat. Horses, just like people lose flexibility and treating from the saddle is a nice low key way to get him to really stretch his neck out in both directions. Dandy is right sided and has good flexibility that way, the left side needs work. Just like you trying to write with the opposite hand, horses have a dominant "handedness" too.

With the heavenly weather we are getting the prayer flags will go up today or tomorrow. The 23rd is listed as an inauspicious day for prayer flag hanging, so before that date and before the rain and snow come back to the mountain for the weekend. Over the weekend I gathered up the old flags for burning and will add to the pile with some twiggy dead fall around the area. It's almost too hot to work outside in the sun come 2:00pm.....almost. ;-)


  1. Interesting about horses needing flexibility exercises. I need them too today after my first day of that weaving workshop. I think I'll do a little yoga and stretching pretty soon! (Maybe I should take a page out of Dandy's book and involve treats!)

    "mentally challenging work"....funny!!

    We're having huge rain all week - and then summer heat is arriving for the my prayer flags are probably staying indoors for a while yet. How did you find out about auspicious/inauspicious days? (Is this something that google knows?) I'll check back here for the answer to that one!


  2. Sue,
    You can find a listing of dates here:
    Yes, horses have big muscles and on their own don't work them to the fullest in captivity. Massage, chiro work, acupuncture, light stretching etc all benefit horses in the same way as humans.