Monday, April 13, 2009

Messin with Sasquatch Updated w/Additional Pic

Had I paid more attention when I purchased the beautiful Prism yarn, I would have realized that it was actually two yarns together. A sticky mohair and nylon carrier yarn and a very slick shiny rayon. It made for an interesting and time consuming warping process. The binder was not actually wrapped around the rayon, so keeping them even while measuring on the warping board proved challenging. Amidst mohair and insults flying it all got on the loom to be woven..eventually. I figured that while this warp could prove troublesome and end up as a dog scarf I would consider it "experimental" while on the loom. So I dragged out another something I've wanted to try to. Raw but clean Habu silk cocoons. I carefully pulled a few apart, attempting to keep the overall feel and rounded shape of the cocoons and woven them around the weft (alpaca and silk blend lace weight) as the mood struck me.
Needless to say, I was quite pleased with the result. The scarf is drapey and substantial thanks to the rayon, it has softness and a light halo due to the mohair and I love the little shiny cocoons woven in. While this was slated for the humane society I think it will be appreciated by a particularly wonderful and artsy friend and will be squirreled away until gift giving time arrives. I will make something a little more mainstream for the auction as I have no idea what people like at that event.

Sue: This second pic is for you. The really close up shots weren't worth posting.

Onto the curtains! I am sad to say my hemming job simply sucks. I dislike hand work of that nature and the iron, which wasn't working well, finally puffed it's last hot breath. It's been on the outs and I have been so uninspired to go iron shopping. So, the hems are not as even as I would like and will be redone when I get a decent iron to make a nice clean ironed hem line.

I so admire those bead and braid and do all sorts of beautiful finishes on their lovely hand wovens. It's just not me. Not once when entering any of those  3 Ashland bead stores did the siren song of a bead call to me. No way. Now someday I might feel differently and I might not. I may never get that particular call to fussy finishes. I also try not to compare my work to others. It's hard but it is also very freeing. I can love weaving and my woven pieces for what they are, the promise they show and for the enjoyment and challenge I got making them.

A word about the weather before closing. I want to know why the Rain God has decided to camp on our doorstep? As I write we are having a gully washer outside. I have more mud than I can possibly use, both in and out of the house. It is amazing what those little low riders we call dogs can bring in on their feet and bellies. They are truly earning their Grit Sponge title.  House cleaning is a futile ritual in the best of times, in these times it is sheer folly. I have but to turn around to put the bucket and mop away and in that brief moment of relaxed vigilance, someone has muddied up the floor...again. ;-) A glimmer of hope though, it looks like come Thursday we will have sun for 4 whole days! 


  1. The curtains are lovely! It's wonderful to see a project finished and in use!!!

    We are having a great deal of rain right now also and are actually 1.5" ahead of the average. It's been kind and not flooding. I keep reminding myself of the the summer that's coming and the "normal" drought to get me through!

  2. I love your scarf! And the curtains are great too.
    On the rain - why don't you send some of it just a bit west of you -everyday they say it might rain on the local weather forecasts but nothing comes - we really need more here at our house. Fire season is upon us soon - already saw a small fire being fought on the mountain in Rogue River Saturday - probably a burn pile that got out of control.

  3. Your scarf is lovely! Seems like we could have warned you that the mohair and rayon weren't really plied, huh? But then you probably wouldn't have that gorgeous piece for your arty friend...


  4. The scarf is beautiful! I'd say the experiments worked!! I tried to blow it up to see the texture better....but I secretly want more pictures! (No biggie if it's already squirreled away I guess that might ruin the surprise for your lucky friend.)

    The curtains are really nice! I share your hem angst, and I mostly hand-hem because my machine and I don't get along well enough for my machine hems to come out OK. How did you make the patterned portion of the curtains? Or should I just go back in your blog? I didn't think I missed curtain details, but you never know I guess!

    Hope you see the sun soon!


  5. Thanks all for the comments on scarf and curtains!

    Cindie, I'll happily point the clouds in your direction.

    Carol, it's probably best you don't mention stuff about the yarn. This way, I use it not knowing it would be difficult.

    The monks belt pattern came out of a swedish book I have. Can't read a word of it, but the draft is pretty straightforward. This pattern is quite similar to a monks belt pattern in Davison's book also. I'll try to find the page for you if you have the book.
    I'll try to get some better shots of the scarf too It's still draped over the chair and the sun is coming out. It was a fun fast weave once I got going.

    Glad you folks in the SE are getting some much needed rain this year. Seems like that area of the country is quite unsettled. Just wait until those May flowers pop out!

  6. I love your curtains and the scarf. Trying different things is important and can have some beautiful results.

    Rain, mud and animals, I understand completely.

  7. Chris,
    Yes, mud and animals seems to be interconnected!
    Thank you for the nice comment on my scarf and curtains.