Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Soft Warm Breeze

Monday was indeed the day for hanging the prayer flags. 7:30 am found me out cleaning the area and sizing up where to put them. By 11:00 a.m Gene and I had measured and tied the flags onto the rope and up they went into dappled shade. Immediately a soft warming breeze picked them gently up and all the intent, the words, the thoughts, the karma so to speak began it's journey on the wind. As my words started flowing on that breeze, I couldn't help but wonder what thoughts and prayers it had been bringing as it flew over the earth from whence it came. I know not where it will go, but I do know some of what it takes with it. I hope today, Earth Day that many other wonderful thoughts will be carried on breezes everywhere.

Yesterday was spent picking up the car and running errands. Finally after two weeks I have wheels again. We still need to bring the overtired chariot to a transmission place for a much needed high powered flush. In the short term I'm thrilled to have the freedom to take to the road when I wish!

One of the errands was to pick-up new fly masks for everyone. The old ones, after three years, where shot and I tossed in the fall.  For those that might be reading this that have horses, Cashel makes the best darn masks and while expensive they do last. On a funny note, finding 5 in the correct size and all with ears in them proved challenging and one ended up being a mask done special with a donation going to breast cancer research. I would have bought  5 but there was only one. One of the boys was going to have to wear the mask with pink ears and a small pink ribbon. Cooper was it since he is kindest to fly masks, rarely rubbing them off or allowing another horse to pull them off. He loves his mask, comes over when I hold it open and puts his head down for me to fit it over his ears. Dandy does too. Nick, Boo and Imp think it's a play thing to rip off one another and carry around the paddock, just so I have to go search it out. I'll have to get a picture. They all look like sort of a horsey version of Darth Vader until you get to Cooper and he looks like he has Playboy Bunny ears on. I giggled every time I caught a glimpse of him yesterday, or should I say picked out the set of pink ears.


  1. I'm glad to hear that the Subaru is back and running. I'm also glad to see that the snow is gone and you are out enjoying the beautiful days!

  2. The prayer flags look great outside....releasing their prayers to the wind!

    Glad your car is back!!! It was gone for a long time - and I wasn't the one who was car-less!

    So preventing bites on a horse's face is why I see masks on horses sometimes?? I had no idea! (And am still not even sure!)

    Thanks for your comments about the color workshop I just took! We did lots of cool things, but the false damask is the one structure that I want to experiment with sooner rather than later. I feel like there's something missing in my understanding of blocks (or lots of things are probably missing) and I think that structure might help me understand it better.

    Your sunny weather finally made it out here (after 3 days of rain/clouds in a row - which is a lot for us!!)


  3. Yeah on getting the car back and I look forward to pictures of the masks on the horses!