Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Trouble with Tribbles

Or maybe, mohair madness! Seems I have my own tribbles that followed me home
Friday from the Web-sters. Sale tribbles, the best kind! These tribbles look suspiciously like Adrienne Vittadini Natasha yarn, something with a bit of mohair, of course.
As yet they have not multiplied( and Miss Bea is making sure) but they are cute and cuddly just the same. It must have been a 
weavers day to hit Ashland as no less than 3 other weavers where perusing
the shop when I arrived. Miss Cindie from Eweniquely Ewe was there with some friends from the Saturday Guild. I can't wait to see what she makes with some of the gorgeous booty she left with!
It wasn't just Natasha that felt compelled to hop in the back of the wagon for a wild ride
up into the Greensprings, there was some Prism Big Kid in Blue Lagoon that needed a 
home too, it was no tribble at all! ;-)
The painting goes on and on. It may be another 6 years before I forget just what a miserable space the master bedroom is to paint. Dove grey certainly hid the dirt well. The new color is much  lighter. 
What I really want to know is why they don't make tall
ladders with a shelf to put paint cans on. The 5 and 6 footer has it, the 10 footer does not. It means a lot of running, or in my case slowly crawling, up and down the ladder.
In any event, one more day/one more coat. I'm tired of the bedroom being torn apart.
Every night I have to put some things back into place mostly for Dennett. His eyesight is so poor at this age that I try not to move too much around on him. He has two beds,
one under ours and one near the radiator and they need to be just so. He's never liked
sleeping on the bed all night and now that he is 16 and practically blind, jumping off the bed in the middle of the night is not an option. He still manages stairs pretty well
but I stay close as we head down for the day to make sure. He'd do the same for me.
The looms stand empty except for Carolyn who has had a scarf sitting on her since November. Lots of plans AP ( after painting) but today it is windy and raining. A good day to finish up and put the brushes away for a few weeks.


  1. Good luck with the painting!!! Hope it gets done soon!!

    Beautiful would go nicely with some boucle I have upstairs! Hmmm.

    And love the green/blue stuff.....I'm not a spinner, so I don't know what it's called.

    OK - cookie timer on the oven is beeping....must run!


  2. Thanks Sue, Hope the cookies where yummy!
    Oh, the green/blue stuff is mohair yarn. :-)