Friday, February 20, 2009

Gorilla & Twill

The manly scarf is off the Murphy and finished. It got guy approval. Husband Gene said he would wear it, but then again, he'd wear almost anything that someone hand made.
The scarf itself was disappointing in parts but the whole turned out to me my favorite of the three. The twill is not apparent until you hit just the right angle and light, partly due to the texture of the yarn and partly due to the sett. The gorilla part tamed down quite a bit. Weaving it was challenging because the three yarns had totally different give and the pattern was different for each. There is a brown mohair in there and a black mohair, different manufacturers and totally different in structure and feel. I don't think I will ever use the
Kidsilk Haze again for warp, although it is a beautiful yarn. The dogs have been running around with fuzzy black shed stuck on their noses. The stuff is
all over the loom room.
I will however be working with mohair again. For right now, there is something magical in such a light open structure. I love that it comes off the loom with substance but next to nothing in weight. Like a big sturdy cobweb. Artists are know for their blue period and such, so I'm feeling it's okay to have my Mohair Period. :-)
The painting goes on. This is a big room, the biggest in the house actually and I want to know what fool (that would be me) designed it with 2 windows, 1 skylight and 4 doors. I managed to get all the primer on and the first coat of 
paint. The second coat will go on tomorrow and then finally, the pay off, painting the walls in their new color. The room is a medium dove grey at present, and it is a lovely color, but it's time for something lighter and brighter for this dark north facing room.
This third picture shows the last two scarves, some BFL wool I spun up and Gene's favorite hat I knit him last winter. It was sitting on the chest so I figured why not throw it in there. It's my one item of true color knitting. I really should make more. I enjoyed it and the book the pattern came out of  ( 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit by A. Zilboorg) has many, many fantastic hats
to choose from.


  1. Finally, we get to see Gorilla & Twill!! (I still love that name, and type it at every opportunity!!) The scarf looks great. I love the oatmeal-colored yarn.

    Mohair is really nice - I have various cones and partial cones that I'm going to use some day!

    Good luck with your painting project! We're supposed to do some painting this winter, but first I have 3 sewing projects that I'm supposed to finish. I don't want winter to last longer exactly, but I need to get some of this indoor stuff finished!!!

    Thanks again for the scoop on temples!


  2. The scarf looks light and airy - is it still shedding after washing?
    I'd love to see photos of the dogs noses though.

  3. Love the scarf - great colors!