Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Horoscope Rug and the Weeks Weaving

The cast of characters is down to the outdoor crew and they are a vain lot. All my really
good pictures are stuck on my old broken computer waiting to be transferred by a 
bench tech. So it's either wait for those or wait until I snap some more nice ones. Either way, it's a wait. 
I am jazzed though, Bonnie Tarses, who has a beautiful blog, has put a rug I just finished weaving up on her site. Go on over and check it out, the link is right there in the blog list.
Some other weaving has been accomplished this week too, a Summer & Winter runner
for a weave along on Ravelry and a mohair scarf with some yarn I've been chomping at the bit to use. It was an experiment on my part, I have never used mohair for the warp
and had a very open weave in my mind. I was hoping the self sticking properties of the mohair would allow me to do it and it did. Pictures of both projects are below. The stripes in the scarf are nothing more than packing in the weft with a harder beat. Gene commented it was the quietest weaving I've ever done and it certainly was the fastest.
I had the warp measured and on in under an hour, the weaving took maybe two hours
with stopping and wandering off to do other things. I liked working on this so much
I know I will do a few others and it has inspired me to try some collapse weave projects. I also had a chance to get comfortable using a fringe twister! Woo hoo!!! This scarf is destined for donation to the local humane society for their annual auction/sale and I'll do a few other things for that over the next few months.  The specs for both projects are as follows:

Summer/Winter runner:Warp- Louet Euroflax sett at 12 epi in color Pearl I think.
Weft-Jamieson's Shetland DK in color Gentian, pattern was out of Davison's book.
9.5 inches in the reed and darn close to that coming off.

Mohair Scarf: Warp and weft done in Filatura Di Crosa Fancy Multicolor, a mohair/acrylic blend sett at 6 epi, 13 inches in the reed, finished scarf about 12.5"
after wet finishing.


  1. Congrats on your beautiful rug being featured on Bonnie's site! I saw it pop up there and thought it was very beautiful!!

    Love your scarf and table runner!! I aspire to be a fast weaver, but I'm still in agonizingly slow beginner mode. That's OK though - we all have to start somewhere!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of weaving blogs - fun isn't it. I am very interested in Summer and Winter at the moment, so seeing your runner is very inspiring.