Monday, February 23, 2009

The Paint Can Runeth Dry

So, we have a half finished room. About 10:00 yesterday morning I was done for the day. First time I have ever run out of paint. Usually I buy too much. The local paint store is wisely closed on Sunday so today one of us will run to town for another gallon and I'll get back to painting later in the week.

I did manage to get a warp started for the Murphy loom and once that comes off the board the linen will go one for the saddle blankets. I also organized my stash. I threw
a big old quilt on the floor and chucked all my yarn out of the armoire it's kept in.
Geez, I got stuff I forgot about. Everything has been put back nicely in some semblance of organization. It doesn't even include the coned yarns which Gene built me a tall shelf for an odd shaped area of my work space.  It's not quite finished. The hold up is me getting to some sanding for fancy trim on the sides, but it is sturdy and usable right now.

Skunk Bond has proven worthy of his name. (every time I think of him the music to Mission Impossible starts up in my head) He has figured out the new arrangement
in the tack room and if he drags himself up onto the saddles, steps over onto the small
shelf, walks to the other end, uses the tops of the grain bins, Wala! He is on the high table with the cat food bowl. Needless to say, I moved saddles and grain bins yesterday morning but my hopes are not high that I will have tricked this Einstein of a skunk for long. I am, after all, a not so swift human who just happens to have opposable thumbs
as my claim to fame.


  1. You and I both ended up without tools for our projects ran out of paint, and I ran out of thread. (I need the same color thread since it's for a visible hem that I'm 3/4 of the way done with).

    That tall cone storage area looks cool - and it looks very tall - but maybe that's something about the photo angle.

    Sorry you're dealing with skunks!!!


  2. Well another gallon of paint has appeared. I hope your thread has magically found it's way to you too!.
    The shelf is 10 feet tall, to reach the high shelves I need to get a reacher/grabber or one of the ladders that seem to be always around .