Monday, February 16, 2009

The Pleasures of Tabby

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day. I know I did. Got to weave, had chocolates, and a gift certificate to my very favorite yarn haunt, the Websters in Ashland. Woo hoo. Now, if it would only stop snowing I might get down to use it.

I have finished off the long rug warp. The 12 foot long piece had a ton of take up on it
but I got a sweet little wool rug off of it and one rather fugly heavy small
rag rug for the kitchen. I enjoyed my tabby time thoroughly, but now it's time to move on to something that will force me to get that Texsolv cut and do the tie-ups on all of Barbara's beautiful 10 treadles. I have some nice saddle blanket drafts with 3 colors and let's face it, I can use saddle blankets! I think a linen warp would be best instead of rug cotton and I'll need to get some nice heavy wool. Saddle blankets really take a beating when used as intended. 

Another humane society scarf was completed and finished. This one with alpaca and some novelty yarn. It was a lot of fun doing it although it will be a cold day in hell before I work with super fuzzy alpaca in a warp again. Another scarf is on the board being measured. Hopefully, a guy kind of scarf. The yarn used is Filtura di Crosa Collage which is sort of a fine boucle yarn of wool and llama in a brown/black/green fleck. It's quite soft. I'm mixing it with some stripes of black mohair. It looks pretty strange and I've dubbed it Gorilla and Twill. We'll just have to see how this one turns out.

Most of yesterday was spent painting the ceilings in the master bedroom in prep for it's full trim and wall job later this week. I have painted over 90 % of the inside of this house twice, that includes staining, painting and stenciling floors and of all the work I despise doing ceilings. Gene will do the really high walls and ceilings if need be, but since this falls under "Theresa Criteria" it was my cross to bear. What is Theresa Criteria? Well, anything that doesn't require power tools except a drill or sander, no ladders over 8 feet, no outdoor stuff unless it is barn, animal or garden related and usually something not really necessary by Gene Criteria! I was told the paint was just fine by the other half. It wasn't. After 6 years of living and doing finish work in the house, all the paint needs to be redone. Simple as that. Last summer was spent doing the down stairs, this year it's the upstairs. 

And speaking of the barn ( known here as Big Blue Betty) her tack room got a make-over. After 3 years some things just weren't working for me, so we moved and reorganized and it is working out nicely. Bond is still dropping by but has been unable to reach the cat food dish in it's new location. Yeah, cause for celebration since I might have outwitted a skunk! ;-) Life is good.


  1. Gorilla and twill!! Great name!

    Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you with all of your house projects!!

    Love the rugs and scarf.....Some day I want to do a rug....but need to get my loom up and running!


  2. Thanks Sue. You'll get that loom working and then there will be no looking back!