Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taming Those Tribbles into Twill

Yesterday was a lost day as far as house cleaning was concerned. Mondays are the usual cleaning day around here, just so when folks drop in over the weekend, it looks like I don't own a broom or vacuum. In another life, when I actually left the house to go to work for too many hours to count, I had a lovely, wonderful ( and well paid) cleaning lady who came on Friday mornings. Weekend drop ins must have thought I was a domestic goddess. Now, they know the gritty truth. I am marginal housekeeper at best and the only things eating off the floor are the dogs and I will remind you, dogs have pretty low standards when it comes to what and where they eat. Now don't you cat people get all smug either, because sometimes I walk out on my back porch and it looks like some sort of a rodent snuff film has gone on overnight. 'Nuff said!
So what did I spend my cleaning time doing? Warping on and weaving the little tribbles into a wide twill scarf. This was meant for me and I wanted to experiment with just how wide a sett I could go. If I could do it all again ( dang, those
tribbles did NOT multiply) I would do the sett a bit closer than the 5 epi I did 
use. I would use 8 the next time.
I do like the lightness for myself  but unless care is taken with the piece in general the floats will catch and pull. I had in mind a light scarf that would keep my 
shoulders and upper arms warm while I read in bed. Nothing so wide it got down my back and would pull when I moved. Simply a little confection with a plump fuzzy soft feel. This fit the bill perfectly. I felt quite princess like
last night while I read. I'm working my way through Paul Theroux's "The Great Railway Bazaar" I read "Ghost Train to the Eastern Star: On the Tracks of the
Great Railway Bazaar" this past fall. The trip in GRB was done in the early 70's and in the Eastern Star he goes back and does the trip
in reverse.
Both books are simply marvelous.
Well, off to find that vacuum!

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  1. Theresa,

    The scarf looks lovely! I'm so impressed with how quickly other people make things. I think, stop, start, ponder, do other projects, blah, blah, blah. But at least I've gotten over my habit of just starting projects and never finishing. And I am getting faster at dressing my loom - that's got to be good!

    I checked around for Mac weaving software. Interweave has some software info on their website, and it does look like there are several products that run on Macs. I can't vouch for any of them, but I think there's Mac weaving software out there!

    Think twill!!


    PS: New thread did appear this afternoon, and sewing has resumed!!