Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sheepy Goodness

It didn't snow yesterday. In fact it was quite nice for mid-Feb. I was able to slip down the mountain
for some town time and to use up that lovely gift certificate. Those
things just burn a hole in my pocket. 
The shopping excursion was for a project for Barbara V and I knew just what I wanted.
Our local yarn store carries a house brand, if you will, of wonderful Romney sheep wool. This is what I always think of when I think of wool. Well twisted, springy, the faint scent of sheep and hard wearing. This is lovely wool. It will stand up to years of use and abuse. Grown really locally (Ashland) and in great heathered colors. Price and yardage are excellent.
It knits beautifully and I've used it for a gift sweater that will keep the wearer warm and dry outside in winter weather. Having grown up in New England, where winters are much colder, this is the type of wool we crave for outwear and to keep us warm in those drafty old homes.
The project at hand is for saddle blankets, one each for Cooper and Dandy in a boundweave rosepath threading using 3 colors with a 4 shed treadling sequence on a 
8/5 linen warp sett at 6 epi. I have deep saddles with a modified rigging on them and I
like my blankets to be a bit wider so all of the girthing parts are kept off the horse. The blankets will be 36x36 inches instead of the usual 30x36. The colors called for are light,medium and dark. I have done light, dark and color. Dandy will get green
and Cooper has the purple since they each have that same color for their bridle.
I was also looking for something wonderful to keep all my bobbins and pirns in. I found some nifty Ashland Sky bags, in pink with the breast cancer ribbon. I have a few of these bags for knitting needles and they are great.
The Gorilla and Twill scarf is almost threaded and ready to sley. I think rather than paint I'll get that woven and paint in earnest tomorrow. Sounds like a plan!


  1. Oh, are we at last catching a glimpse of gorilla & twill??

    Have you used a temple before?? (I'm never quite sure how to have conversations via blog....but I'm kind of replying to your comment about temples). If so, would a temple make it so my towels wouldn't have any draw-in??

    I'm trying to find a temple locally that I can try...whether I borrow or buy. I think my weaving group is pretty old school, and doesn't use temples....but hopefully the local-ish weaving shop will have some.

    Love the yarn colors you picked today! We've got some of that nice New England weather happening right inch of snow and counting. Grrr! I was ready for spring! (Unrealistic in NH in Feb I know!!)


  2. Nice new stash! Saddle blankets will be nice.
    I'm just doing a quick cruise of friend's blogs after three full days or ripping our house apart to put in the new windows.

    I'll be in touch soon!