Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Slow Roll-Out

The other day I really did make an attempt at getting pics of the horses and goats. It's
hard because of the contrast, dark horses, white snow. The camera has a hard time and
I am clearly deficient in adjusting it. I did get a couple and I'll at least start to tell
you about the cast of characters that reside outside the house.
First up is Dandy, or Mr. D as he prefers. The smallest of the bunch and like his copper color, a bit hot and very gregarious. He is the herd leader and while there may be jostling around for 3rd and 4th banana, there is no question who is in charge when I'm not there.
He is the husband horse. An honor in any household. He's the horse that is expected to
babysit the novice, take the jingling on the bit, the poor posting on the trot and make sure the clueless are kept safe. I ride him fairly often to keep him in shape and for a more experienced rider he'll match you happily. He's a handy little jumper and quite the showman should you want to work in a dressage frame. He can get fussy and be a little  temperamental when asked to do harder things but rarely do we have to have
 a come to Jesus talk. Gene adores him and the feelings are obviously mutual.
Next up is Boo, my big and growing "baby" boy. I got Boo when he 
was just weaned and we speculated that he "might" reach 16 hands high. HAR, jokes on me, the boy is not yet 4 and heading into the 16.2 hand range. He, of all the horses, listens to me the most and has a very soft and willing to please mind set. He is a little flighty and a little hot, but has never offered anything other than to do what he thinks I want. Gene refers to him as the giant goober. He is heading off to training this summer. It's time. They all grow up so fast. He's almost done though, he's no longer the sink hole for feeding. He'll even let Taffy lick his bucket!
Last photo is of at least 4 headless horses. It is impossible to get full shots at feeding time. The goats are in there too. Silly girls all of them.

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  1. Wow!! That's quite an animal family!!!

    Do you spin yarn from those goats? (Or make goat milk fudge??) Yarn and chocolate....two of my faves!!