Friday, February 6, 2009

Cast of Characters part 2 House Critters

And have we got house critters! 9 of the little grit sponges live indoors with us.
I am still complaining that we didn't install a central vac when we built this house 7 years
Jack is on the header of my blog. He is without a doubt my weaving partner. The rest of the horde either losses interest or moves along from the room due to the noise. Jack's
other name is THE GOLD BRICK, because after getting a toy stuck in his stomach 2 years ago, it cost us plenty to operate and rehabilitate him. Sadly he had some damage to his esophagus which is permanent.  I hand feed him every day so he doesn't gulp his food.
Dennett, who is the lovely little thumb nail by my "About Me" section is the old man of
the group. He's turning 16 this year and we have enjoyed every single minute of it! I make them all sign on for a 17 year stint and he may actually keep the contract. He hails from Texas and was picked up after being thrown from a car on the highway, loaded with heartworm and fearful and aggressive. I took him in 14 years ago and we changed each others life in so many good ways.
Peter, is second oldest and every one's darling and I can understand why. He is such a happy sweet dog it is infectious. Peter is 13 and going quite grey. He too was a rescue (they all are) from Texas. Some nut shot him when he was a wee pup and shattered his lower jaw. When I sprung him from the shelter two days before Christmas 1996 he was slowly starving to death because of the unhinged break. Surgery to
 remove bone fragments and teeth that were gouging into his upper palette as done along with neutering the day before. Even now after several dental extractions he gets along just
fine with small kibble. Good back molars! 
Next up is Pogo, a little devilish Chihuahua mix. He's simply trouble, all swagger and attitude. He's about 4 now and worships my husband Gene. I am just the hand maiden as far as he is concerned and the evil lady with the toe nail clipper. He does rally
 everyone daily for a good play session, and is a winsome little fellow in many ways.
The last of the boys is Smoochie. The Smooch Man is kind and probably not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is the most affectionate of all the dogs. He smiles too
and his goofy ways are so endearing. He was a Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue dog, came here right out of a puppy mill and just never left. I flunked
 that foster! He's  the Cairn sleeping on the couch.
The girls start with Miss Bea, who is the little blonde bombshell in one of the cubbies.
She is such a funny little dog. We can't decide if she is Cairn mixed with Schnauzer or Poodle. Either way, she has been dubbed "Sneaky Bea" because she knows how to steal a toy from even the most protective hoarder. Bea is about 10 now and was a pound pup. She is a bit cheeky at times and quite the talker.
Charlotte is my very own Velcro puppy. She who must always know where I am always. I go to the bathroom, I come out, there she is waiting. She likes Gene but rarely ever goes to him for attention and while interested is stand offish with all strangers. She is the serious one of all the dogs. All business all the time. Charlotte is now about 8.
We believe she is a Cairn/Schipperke cross. She has no tail! We ask her often where she might have left it, but as yet, she's kept the secret. She's very smart and always anxious to please. You can see her watching me from the top of the right side cubby in the picture. We fondly refer to her as "The Pork Roast" because darn if she isn't shaped like a nice tenderloin!
Rounding out the girl band is Angel, a Border/Aussie mix who came to live with us because she was too busy to have around a local-to-us riding stable. Angel lives to herd my goats. Since that isn't allowed she'll fixate on butterflies and other moving objects,
usually the cat. I do let her out once in a while to work the goats. Neither of us is very good at it but when they are being troublesome and jumping on cars or eating bark off the trees around the property, a little herding is a good thing.
The dogs have a large fenced in pen off the side of the house. The trustworthy ones get
to romp off leash on walks, the escape artists enjoy a 25 foot leash.
Last but not least is Rodger, the lone cat of the household. He will hold his ground with the most obnoxious of dogs and 
everyone respects the velvet claw.  He likes sleeping 
in the Barbara V's bench. He is a sweet mellow boy, who believes everything and everyone is his friend for life. That's it, that's all of them. I couldn't resist slipping another pic of Dennett in. Good pictures of old dogs are precious.


  1. What a gang! You must be permanently standing at the door letting some or all in and out, all day long! We won't talk about food, vet bills and grooming.... You are a soft touch for big brown eyes and a wet nose. ( Hmmm... Gene must be cute too)
    We had one Lakie and decided to get another. So two of them was 5 times the work and care. It didn't help that pooch number 2 had health issues and is our 'gold brick'. Solli is in dog heaven, but Connor is still here and runs the house and us.
    Can't say that he's my dog but he's like velcro to Bruce. I do all the grooming and even paid for him, but he's Bruce's best bud.

    who just noticed that these are just the 'indoor' critters... the barn ones are to come!

  2. There won't be a quiz on their names and breeds, right??

    I've never been able to come up with a good enough reason to get a third dog - a reason that would convince my 2 has been our upper limit. And right now we're just a single dog household - our beloved Brittany Bailey.

    My blog probably needs more pictures of Bailey!!

  3. Susan,

    Please don't forget wear and tear on furniture, after the first week anything new is running on a half life...a long half life. ;-)

    I always find "Look what followed me home..." to work. It does help that I had 6 dogs before we got married, so Gene knew what he was getting into.

    Thank you to both of you for even stopping by to read my blog! Comments earn you both a couple of big gold stars!