Friday, August 31, 2012

Watch Out for that First Step

Nothing declares the start of a project like a big pile of scrap wood!  It's my favorite part.
It says "Holy crap, I guess we really have to do this now!" Oh wait, that's what GENE says. My comments usually sound like, "Are you done yet?" or "Seems simple enough to me!" Have I told you Gene has a fearsome scowl? But so do I! ;)

Right after this shot Gene started pulling the last stair riser away only to discover there was a wasps nest on the under side. We both split pretty darn quick. He went down the driveway, I popped back into the house. Minutes later we had a plan. He would use the crow bar to pull that riser out and I would hit them with wasp killer from the porch since it would be more exposed at my angle. Worked perfectly. Whew!!!

Now that the steps and the railings have been torn off,  the excavator can do it's job. Today it will be excavating the railroad tie steps (leading to the now imaginary porch steps), and dig all the holes for the footings, lots of footings. This will be a sizable front deck at 16 feet out from the house and 25 feet running the length of the front of the house. The long run of stairs leading up to the front porch will never be seen again. We are relocating any steps to the side of the deck were the land is less steep. For now we are using a ladder to get in and out of our front door. Soon we'll just have to use the back door as construction progresses.

The air is better but the fire is not. It's jumped from CA to OR in the Klamath Basin. A little rain would go a long way right now.

I'm going to miss most of the excitement with large equipment because I have to take Robin and Pogo to the vet. Robin is having his one year check up and booster shots and the evil Pogo is going to have his nails trimmed. He's really a nice little dog most of the time, but bring those clippers from the drawer and out pops the devil.

Not much time for any fibery stuff this week. I did spend hours on pocket design, cutting and lining for a pair of cargo pants for my Mom. In fact the two leg fronts are together, but it's time consuming. Every seam needs to be sewn, then serged, then top stitched twice. I don't do well with a double needle set up and find it easier to just do a second row of top stitching 1/4" from the first. I'm hoping to get them done and a few other projects worked on this weekend. No slacking on my deck supervisory position either.

Parting shot: The watcher at the window. Nice how we put those love seats just so small dogs could utilize the backs for viewing huh?


  1. Lordie, Miss Theresa you got a heap o' trouble there! Wasps sure can hide and make you run! Just think of how nice all that will be come winter. That project looks like it will take you away from sewing and weaving for sure. Men and big machines do need some feminine supervision.

  2. I'm so glad Stella is on duty...she can fill in for you while you're gone to the vet! You've got a BIG project underway...but it will be so nice when it's finished!

  3. Wow, that looks like quite a project. I just had to laugh when I read you telling Gene that it looks simple enough ;-) I hope that you project goes as planned. The porch sounds wonderful!

  4. Stella is on duty to ensure that each and every step of your project is dog approved. Looking forward to seeing the completed project, it sounds like it will keep all of you busy for a bit.

  5. Yikes on the wasps!! When my son was about 10 he disturbed a wasp nest on the upstairs deck. He came running in the house, down the stairs and out the front door with a cloud of wasps following him. They actually parted around me and kept following him!! They knew who they wanted! Scary.

    The new porch sounds like a lovely design!! Rain would be nice, but not while you are excavating and setting footers.

  6. "It looks simple enough" hahahaaaaaa....Denial is a wonderful attribute at times like this. The porch is going to be wonderful and I hope I can set a spell on it when done.

  7. Indeed, quite a project but looks like Gene has it completely under control. In our house I can be known as the one with hands on hips full of brilliant ideas and no idea how to carry them out. Ever thankful Jack does!

  8. mrsmole. Of course they need supervision, all of them. Stella is a willing stand in as you can see!

    LA, I'm hoping for wonderful on this project. I've all ready ordered some chairs! ;)

    Judy, Poor Gene, being a jeweler everything is about detail, I'm a big picture kind of gal.

    Thistle Rose, Stella is always on duty and what a sweet supervisor too. She's always ready to let you relax by throwing her ball....

    Valerie, Few things bother me as much as stinging wasps and yellow jackets. While I am a grown up who will crush and kill them in the house, I really just want to run screaming and crying from the room and let someone else do it.

    Mary, the other phrase that strikes fear into DH's heart start with, "It wouldn't be hard to add........". You are most welcome to come sit on the deck when it's done.

    Nancy, That's it, I have to remember to tell him my ideas are sheer brilliance!