Friday, August 24, 2012

Fox's Wedding

Which is what this little Japanese cotton batik piece was titled when I found it years ago on Etsy. It had been just waiting in my stash of fun things for a eureka moment. During the "clean the bolt off" sale at Fabric of Vision, I brought it with me. It had stayed far too long folded up on the shelf and was at the top of my "use or lose it" list. Sandi found the basket weave printed cotton and the match was made.

 The wedding could finally move on! The pattern was an easy choice. Sewing Workshops Quincy top because it has a nice narrow back panel providing a suitable showcase and keeping the panel intact.

Those of you who follow my blog may remember that I collect foxes in almost every medium. So one fox moved on and within days another one arrived.

 This is a lovely and thoughtful gift from a friend who saw it and knew just the right home for it. It came with wrapping and stickers and ribbons and bows!

A casual meet up for dinner felt more like a mini birthday celebration. Thank you Dear Friend for seeing that and thinking of me.

Meanwhile, back at the barn, the Nick project moves along slowly.

 I got him out 3 days in a row. Two of those days we took long walks in hand off the farm. He needs to get out and experience events away from his companions. Nick is always willing to leave but has been more cautious and worried about his surroundings than he use to be. Use it or lose it, I need to get him out more for sure. The last day we walked miles, literally, both of us. He did surprise me by willingly going into the a stream the first time when I sent him forward. He didn't surprise me when he wiggled and jiggled and rubbed off half of his bridle while tied to a tree.

 The walk back home is all uphill. Just like when he was a youngster I tailed him (holding his tail as he walks using some of his power to pull me along), most of the way. He stayed steady in his pace, listened to my voice and got to feel brave being the leader while I stayed fairly safe on the ground should there have been any upsets. What also surprised me was how tall he got!

 Cooper and Dandy are both compact horses, Dandy barely 14.3 HH ( in horse speak that is measured at the withers and each hand is 4" making Dandy 59" high at the top of the shoulder. HH = hands high.), and Cooper 15 HH. Nick is certainly 15.2 plus and has filled out enough that the medium wide Tucker saddles fit him. It doesn't sound like a lot but it is when the overall horse is two to three inches taller everywhere. Trust me on this. It's a good way down should you part ways and Nick really isn't considered a tall horse by comparison to many.

In weaving, the Murphy loom is lying in wait for me to start. I've been so dang busy! Plotting and planning on the porch and deck,

 staying cool on hot days, dog walking and just stuff. Seems schedules go to seed in late summer! But here is the pattern it is threaded for. Basket Weave & Herringbone.

 Parting shot: Canine optical illusion!


  1. The wedding party jacket is just wonderful, the panel is perfect I am glad you didn't cut it. Your new fox gift is cute, but I am wondering if there is a story that goes with it? What is the little creature with the magic wand?

    Nick sure is a beauty, I envy your ability to ride horses. The Stella/Robin duo seems to be up to the usual tricks....very cute.

  2. great looking jacket, Theresa....Anna

  3. Nick is such a cutie; glad he's being good for you.

    It has cooled off so nicely here; last night was downright chilly even with two light blankets and a heavy coverlet! This weekend is supposed to heat up but I expect the nights to stay comfortable. Yay!

  4. My goodness-that Quincy jacket is so perfect for you. I love the wedding party motif and the herringbone addition is just right. As Thistle Rose Weaving said above, the magic wand is very intriguing in the new fox print. Have a great weekend Theresa and give all the animals a cookie from me.

    1. And here I thought the fox and rodent were blowing on dandelions!

  5. Fox wedding or foxes approach the tabernacle with the ark? I like it!

  6. Hi Theresa, just discovered your blog when looking for info on weaving a saddle blanket; so nice to read about someone who is interested in all the things I am interested in, but you seem to get a lot more of it done! Just wanted to drop in and say hi and thanks for taking the time to put this out! (alas, I only have 30 inch looms and a pretty big horse).

  7. Thistle Rose, and everyone else who asked. I have no idea what that little critter is waving his/her wand back at the fox. Maybe a that's what foxes think fairies look like?

    Anna & Cindie, Thank you so much

    Michelle, It's cooled off nicely here too, at least at night and for that I am truly grateful. It was in the 40's this morning and the horses where kicking up their heels so much they almost forgot about coming to the feeders for hay.

    Prttynpnk: Now I got a chuckle out of that description! Thank you and yes, try out the MT french house dress from the last post. I think you'll really like it.

    Hi 3 Pines and welcome! You know, you could do two blankets cut one down the center and then do a seam on either side end of the other, avoiding a seam over the back. Valerie had a nice way of joining her baby blanket that I think would work for you too. Check out the fiberewetopia blog listed on the right. Opens up design possibilities too. And of course, you could do a light lining that could be replaced over time as it wears out. Just thinking....What kind of a pretty big horse you got?

  8. That is a good idea, Theresa! Charlie is a leopard spotted Appaloosa, just under 16 hands, I believe, but built like a tank. He just turned 28 a couple days ago; I've had him 25 years! A blanket would be fun to make. I am a pretty new weaver. I think all I've made is a sampler and a bunch of dish towels; right now I'm warping for a table runner on one, but the other loom is empty. Everything I've made is pretty fine (what's the terminology...a fine sett? a high sett?). A blanket might go a little faster. Maybe. Thanks for the suggestion; I'll let you know how it goes!

  9. I thought the fox was holding a fireworks sparkler! Love the jacket! Can you show a front view please? How about embroidering a fox on the front?

  10. mrsmole, there is a front view! It's showing the black zipper. Very plain in front which is fine with me. I often do tend to go a little busy on my stuff sometimes.

    3 Pines, Charlie certainly deserves a hand woven blanket. And with his coloring no doubt you can go any color in the rainbow!