Saturday, August 4, 2012

Teddy Bears for Grown-ups

That bear fabric spent about 4 hours on the stash shelf before being cut and I was determined to use a new to me pattern without doing a muslin first. That's usually a recipe for disaster, but Sewing Workshop patterns are pretty darn consistent with their sizing and drafting. It wasn't a sure thing, but it was close and there were no disappoints with the San Diego Jacket at all. 

The hardest thing about this pattern is the collar/shoulder point turn.
Mark your dots and circles carefully and follow the excellent instructions to the letter and you will be well rewarded.

 The pattern should be titled "Five Easy Pieces". The only thing this pattern lacks is pockets, which is unfortunate in a jacket pattern. I added my own and it would be easy enough to add side pockets on the seams. The button loops where fun to make and the buttons themselves are actually two buttons stacked from the loose button stash. 

 Pale (but bright), green corduroy kept the fabric from looking too Halloween. My first choice was navy but it didn't work as well.

 This pattern was such a hit, a second is already cut as a vest in some nice medium weight black linen. That will be "Three Easy Pieces" since I won't need the 2 piece sleeve.

The plaid jacket is almost done. The lining is in and it's all hemmed and ready to get the inside casing and waist elastic. You'll just have to wait for pictures on that one, but it came out JUST how I envisioned it.

Finally the window A/C is being put into daily service.  We usually cool off at night pretty well, but by the time that cooling rolls around the room is hot and overheated by my standards. Now, I just turn on the unit about two in the afternoon and when the temp inside and outside equalize, off it goes and up go the windows. 

Murphy the loom has his new prayer flag warp on and awaits threading. I have a dog on the (Hollandia) loom in those Celtic knot towels. I just am not feeling the love for them right now and have been playing with the ProWeave program looking for a new treadle tie up  for completion of that long 6 harness towel warp. It's good way to force me to work with the program.

For farm news, it's been pretty quiet. Dog walks are limited right now. The fox tails are out in full force along with devils claw and other things that stick, poke and attach to socks, pant legs and dogs. I did see a rattlesnake while I was stalking a wild turkey yesterday. Once in a while I just can't resist following the resident wildlife, not that I'm quiet or stealthy, but they seem to accept it as long as I follow a good distance behind. I found myself well away from our property and spied the snake sunning on some rocks. He slithered into a crevice and I turned tail and headed back to home ground. Another reason to limit walks to leash only, wide trails and dirt roads at this time of year. 

With August, I'm imagining every New Englander is thinking about late summer bounty.
Blueberries, fresh corn on the cob and lobsters. I know I am, but since I'm sitting here in Oregon and not Maine, I'm thinking of this years annual painting/home improvement project. Oh joy. I have a number to pick from. I'll gripe about that when I finally settle on one. Do curtains count?

Parting shot: Poetry in Motion? In any event, fitter donkeys than last year.


  1. WOW! The jacket looks great! As far as I'm concerned, the fewer the pattern pieces, the happier I am!!! A "dog" on the loom??? I had a moment when I was trying to guess which dog, then I realized that you meant a not-favorite project!!! LOL!!!

  2. Love the way that jacket came out. Thanks for showing the patterns sewn up. I've bought several patterns because of your blog posts...not that I've sewn any yet (ahem).

    Yikes...a rattler!! Yes, another good reason for leash only walks.

    Stay cool!

  3. The jacket is so charming! The French, the is wonderful. See you soon, I hope.

  4. the jacket is adorable! I agree, pockets in order, how does someone design a jacket pattern with no pockets.

  5. Sounds like you're busy.
    The jacket is really cute.
    Watch out for those snakes!
    Susan x

  6. Bears Rule! Fantastic choice of fabrics and colors and execution!
    Why just dream of lobster and blueberries...we have those in the valley if you look around. My peaches are falling off the tree faster than the zucchini are exploding under huge leaves hoping that I will not discover them until the are the size of a car muffler. Your donkeys are so cute!!!!

  7. LA, You make me laugh, but wait, we have had actual dogs on the loom!
    Less is more in my book too and I love a pattern that decides facings can be cut on ( or ones with none at all) but still leaves a lot of room for creative ideas.

    Valerie, I can't decide if buying patterns you haven't sewn is an influence for good or evil! ;) I will say this one might have to go on your purchase list though. It's so adaptable and flattering to many many figure types.

    Mary, Thank you! You can check it out when you visit!

    Cindie, I suppose there are some folks somewhere who don't like pockets and would prefer a completely smooth shape. I guess we're just not one of them.:)

    Susan, Good to see you visit. I need to get over to your site and check out "August". Give Maddie and the cats a few pets and treats from hot and crunchy Oregon please.

    Thank you mrsmole! Oh, yes, blueberries are available as is corn. Lobster does require a search but I am terribly spoiled. The corn on the west coast is nothing like New England corn, something about the high humidity sweetens both of those in the growing. As to seafood, fresh is best and often shipped lobsters are stressed lobsters. Have I told you though, that peaches are one of my favorite fruits Peach shortcake is tops any day over the strawberry variety. Your garden sounds wonderful! Glad you are taking some time to enjoy the bounty!

  8. Oh, oh! Cuteness overload! But not in that cloying way- the cuteness that is puppy cuteness...the best kind, the 'I'm cuter than you in my fab teddy bear jacket' cuteness...

  9. Theresa. I must admit I wasn't too sure of the teddy bear fabric, but I'm loving the jacket, especially with the addition of the pockets! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do in your house. Of course, you could come to mine, and do anything you please to it.

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