Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm a big believer in keeping extras around for things I like. Two pairs of boots, one for using, one for when those wear out is just one example. They are my form of contingency plan. My little black mount Nick is the spare horse, the horse with the smoothest ride this side of a gaited mount, the horse for my later years.

 Only problem is, he hasn't had many miles recently. In point of fact, none. My spare languishes out in the pasture, green as he was two years ago. Shame on me! Well, enough of that. Yesterday, I finally grew a pair and announced I was riding Nick and headed out to grab him. He comes when he's called by the way.  Gene moseyed up to the round pen to hold him while I mounted just to make sure we wouldn't have an immediate saddle ejection. I don't know why I haven't ridden this horse? He has no buck, is sweet, smooth and honest. His steering could be better and he was a little busy with the bit, but hey, he hasn't had one in for a long while and I've got him in a slightly different one from his french link snaffle. His whoa is good. He willingly trotted out in both directions, we worked on circles and turns, he even gave me a nice couple of steps of back up. I made it a short 15 minutes of work and ended on a positive note before we were both done in from the heat. There's only two ways to get a seasoned trail mount, buy one or put the miles on the one you have. Time for some miles.

Over the weekend, I started and finished another french style house dress. Marcy Tilton's V8813 is a fun pattern and so well suited to "around the ranch" wear. I went down a size on this from the last edition and it improved the fit substantially.

 Big pockets, cute and comfy.

 This one done in a black/tan calico type print and using my little Japanese batik Tapir panel for the front. Of course the all important snap hardware for the pockets too!

Leggings, turtleneck and boots and we'll be turned out pretty well for fall wear too.

Sunday was spent getting a lot of patterns cut out. Three tops made the cut; another Victory Anouk, a Sewing Workshop San Diego and a Quincy. One pair of pants from the Sewing Workshop Trio collection was cut for my Mom and a fleece Petite Plus Walking coat complete with cute lining finished off the frenzy. Actually, I ran out of pins!

The weekend was rounded out with a drive over to Klamath Falls to visit with Mary and her handsome mount Woodrow. I had a wonderful time and got in some first rate gait observation watching this pair breeze around a beautiful large arena. I never tire of watching the interaction of horse and rider. The movement and carriage of horses is truly a thing of wonder and Woody didn't disappoint. He may be in his early 20's but he thinks he's still a much younger horse and Mary handles him beautifully and kindly.  We finished off the morning with a little browse around downtown K - Falls and some yummy bagels. And thank you for the patterns too Mary!

Parting shot: Gene & Photoshop. Need I say more?


  1. Three of your favorite things: a good ride, great patterns and your pups!!! Life is good!

  2. So many questions...do horses get jealous if you take another one out for a ride? Tapir fabric? Dirndl?
    Lovely as usual!

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  4. Sorry for 2 posts, I messed up.

    Stella in a drindl, she is darling and what cute legs! Tapir fabric, how cute! Nick just beautiful, you really should ride him more.

  5. I love your housedress - when I saw the pattern I wasn't overly enthused but it's really cute made up. You're right - will look great with leggings & boots.

  6. Gene sure can create a laugh. Thankfully Stella didn't know, did she?!
    I am a two-fer fan as well, sometimes more. A sense of security for things loved.
    Sweet house dress. You are soooo good.

  7. Before marriage, many years ago, I always kept 2 date worthy guy friends. :-)This is really not absolutely true. But I agree that it is always good to have a backup plan.

    Wow, the recent MT FHD is a knockout. OK, I must make one. I had some rayon set aside but rayon and I are going to break up after I finish the Crepe dress.

    Go ride Nick again. He is incredibly flashy and will be a great trail horse.

  8. Oh, that photo is hilarious! The riding sounds wonderful even in the heat.

  9. What is the motif on the center of your new dress? It looks like covered wagons or anteaters wearing capes. Your horses sound so nice but what crappy weather to go and get sweaty...fingers crossed we get some relief next week with some cool or chilly mornings and maybe you can get out for some real trail riding!

  10. LA, How true! I fI had gotten to the loom we could add a fourth favorite!

    LOTL, Yes, horses get jealous, or should I say they get excited and disappointed. Cooper has wanted to go but has been left in the paddock for the last 3 days and he's needy for attention when I go in to visit.

    Martha, Almost anything is improved by a little Stella isn't it!

    Cindie, It's fun to make and rather fun to wear. My only issue with this pattern is that it does take a fair amount of yardage, but it is a dress and not a blouse really.

    Nancy, that's it EXACTLY. a sense of something familar.

    Mary, I never thought of keeping two BF on the line. LOL! Okay, now I want a do over from ages 18-24! :)

    JUdy, I should do a compendium of those photo gems. It hasn't been too hot in the mornings.

    Mrsmole, those are batiked tapirs on that panel. An etsy purchase a few years ago that needed a use. Not too bad if you get in and out on the rides before 10:30-11:00 in the morning. I hope we get some rain myself up here.

  11. I just keep seeing this dress and I'm more and more intrigued.