Monday, August 6, 2012

Bring on Fall

It would seem Samuel Adams Brewery and I are on the same time schedule. Thursday when I went shopping and wanted to grab my usual 6 pack of Sam Adams Summer Ale, the store had in Oktoberfest. I asked the guy stocking where the Summer Ale was and he said they are shipping fall beers now. I said, "Go outside and tell me if it feels like summer or fall?" It was mid 80's and rising. I came home with S.A. Boston Lager. And of course on Saturday, while I was diligently working on my fall to early winter jacket, the temps were hitting the highest they have been all year. We stopped at 96 up here at 4100' + elevation but the valley got their first taste of triple digits. It was hot. The sky at dawn was clear blue and the moon was stunning.

The Panasonic camera got some amazing detail on this shot. If the mood strikes, biggify it. But I bet you want to see that finished jacket? ;)

Here you go. Outside.

And inside.

The lining is generous as it should be. Nothing worse than having a tight lining that rips after one season due to stress. This one is cotton with a hint of Lycra for give. It feels smooth and light and stabilizes the loose weave of the jacket shell nicely.

I was going to enter this in Pattern Reviews Lined Jacket Contest just because I thought it was a nice example of what you can do with Simplicity 2153 and of course, the lining that was added to this unlined pattern. It was not to be though, the rules clearly state the jacket had to be cut out on or after the start date of 8/1/12. I cut this baby out in July. Life goes on and contest or not, I am looking forward to those crisp fall days when I can slip this on and get some miles out of it. It's hanging happily on a nice wood hanger at petting and admiring level in the wardrobe, waiting patiently for it's season.

Since it was so dang hot, things dropped down a notch, to slug speed. Dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and people where all just trying to stay cool. I was going to get Nick out for a ride, not knowing if it would be a little rodeo or just a ride. The minute I headed up to the paddock I knew it wasn't the day for it. Neither one of us would enjoy it and while it might have taken any spunk out of him to ride in this heat, it would to me too. I'd rather us have a spirited fun ride instead of a slow miserable one.

I did get my rodeo moment though. I took pity on the donkeys being bothered by flies and decided to give them all a little squirt with the fly spray. OH MY! There was a lot of protest on the end of that lead rope. I can see baths are going to challenging at best. Dandy may seem good by comparison!

Yesterday I noticed (finally I guess), a big wasp/yellow jacket nest growing on the corner of my barn under the eaves. This morning, in the almost dark after feeding and armed with a long shooting can of hornet and wasp spray, I took care of that nasty business. Thankfully it is outside the barn not inside near the hay. It was located hanging high directly over one of the tie areas for the horses. Those wasps just get crazy around late August/early September. I'll be adding some yellow jacket traps around the property this year too as it seems a banner year for them. Don't bugs feel the heat? Seems the hotter it gets the more active they get.

Parting shot: Stella, cool, calm and photogenic as always.


  1. Wow, you did a great job of matching the plaid on the jacket!! And on drafting your own lining. Looks great.

    Heat and bugs...I don't know, we had a number of wasps and other things lolling about when it was really hot here. But is was also dry at the same time, so it may have been they were having trouble finding water. Also, we had an ant invasion during the heat. I'm pretty sure they were looking for water. That seems to be past us.....until the next time.

    Not a summer beer fan here....prefer the heartier stout stuff to ales, so autumn brews are just as well for me.

  2. Bring on fall is right. we just came off 4 wretched days of heat and humidity. It's been so dry. The sun has been relentless. I hope things simmer down and stabilize soon. We too have a lot of wasp nests and had to spray two before the workshop this week. They are ugly right now and so maybe like me, they get grumpy when it's hot!
    Your jacket is fabulous. Five star job.

  3. Your sewing projects give me the growing desire to have my own tailor! Want the job?

    We hit triple digits on Saturday, but thankfully it was a short heat wave. My bronc hasn't started a rodeo yet, but not for lack of thinking about it. Rick watched me ride him last night and could see it brewing, too. Not sure I could stick with him if he really decided to cut loose, as he's a very powerfully built young horse. My goal is to never let him go there!

  4. What a gorgeous jacket! You did a wonderful job of matching the plaid, and I love the fringe. Nice nice nice

  5. I picked up a "Fall" cider the other day...although I'm really not ready to give up summer just yet. It's been hot, humid and rainy around here lately with LOTS of bugs!!!! I would gladly give that up!!! Love the jacket!

  6. I'll take fall any day now! Your jacket turned out quite nice and I can bet you are really looking forward to wearing it. It could snow tomorrow and I'd be happy :-)
    Great photo of Stella!

  7. Bummer about not being able to enter that gorgeous jacket!!!! But just wearing it around town will bring you great joy...once the summer ends!
    Stella, what a model!

  8. Beautiful jacket! Red is definitely Stella's color.

  9. Thank you thank you all! I'm taking a bow on the jacket! ;)

    Valerie, I'm sure it's water that brings them out. They hover around water tanks a lot when it gets hot and dry here. And if you are watering lants, they swarm around you PDQ. I like fall beers too, but in summer I do like those lighter ales, lagers and pilsners!

    Nancy, I've heard grumbling about the heat in New England this year for sure. And I know how draining it can be combined with high humidity. As Valerie mentioned, it may be the lack of water that makes them cranky.

    Michelle, LOL, I would make a terrible tailor, but if I ever did decide to do sewing for others you'd be first on my list! I read yesterday that your bronc wasn't being so bronc-ish. Good news and here's to hoping you enjoy him as much as Larry!

    LA, Glad someone is getting the rain, we could certainly use it.

    Judy, ME TOO on fall and snow. And of course, I'd have that jacket out quick quick!

    Mary, You noticed the selvage edge fringe! Extra points and goodie bag ( which you got!) worthy.

    mrsmole, It is a bummer but you know, I'm just not competitive enough to really give it a second thought. I WILL have great joy at wearing it.

    Maggie, I don't think there is a color that Stella looks bad in. I may be just a little biased though....

  10. I like the slight bit of elastic in the back waist of the jacket. It adds a flattering touch. I will have to remember that trick the next time sewing.

  11. Just dropped in via a link on biblioblog and have really enjoyed looking through Camp Runamuck. What beautiful countryside, and to be able to roam through it on horseback...ahhh!