Monday, August 13, 2012

Bells and Whistles

 Maybe stupidity and despair might be a better title, but then folks would panic thinking someone got injured or died and none of those things happened. What did happen is that I took a perfectly good pattern and a rather nice clearance fabric, put the two together and goofed it up beyond belief. The fabric was woven which was one of the contributing factors since there is no "wrong" side and of course it was bright. It eat up any and all markings like crazy. So, I made the left side into a right side, attached all the right side plackets and such and started in on the left side which was really the right side piece. Let's just say after a lightweight woven is sewn and serged it's very hard to take apart. Can be done, but once some of those plackets distort, it's going to be a battle and this design counts on those curved plackets to provide interest. I paid $4. per yard for the fabric. I used 3 yards. If I had more fabric I would have gone for it, but nothing more than a few 3" scraps remain I was that tight on it. It sits hidden on a shelf in a ball. We may only need a short break from each other. We'll see.

But wait, there have been other more pleasing projects finished. In fact the Sewing Workshop San Diego jacket loves being made into a vest.

 This is my version in plain black linen. It should make a wonderful basic wardrobe piece don't you think? And there's more...Cindie, weaver extraordinaire (and just plain old nice and generous too!), sent me a little piece of a sample she had woven on her new mega multi shaft AVL loom when I had asked.

 It had been sitting around waiting for just the right moment.  Thank you Cindie, your lovely little woven hearts have turned this vest into something very special in a number of ways.

The state of the ranch report reads hot, dry and dusty.

 I'm ready to go out and do a rain dance. Now wouldn't THAT be entertaining! Well don't hold your breath. I suspect this Boston born 50 something transplant couldn't produce much more than a little spit and some tears of laughter. Oh if getting rain where that simple though....

The new fancy TOMCAT mouse trap has scored a fresh mouse two nights in a row. Not bad. The catch and release program is still in full swing. I'm wondering just how many mice are hanging out in Castle Runamuck. Robin has shown interest (doesn't he look interested?),

although it is unclear whether it is Mickey he is after or the peanut butter on a little biscuit bait!

It should be a quieter week than last and with the heat and smoke coming from fires in California, that's probably a good thing.

Parting shot: 6 in 1.


  1. Are you sure these aren't the same mice working their way home? Paint a stripe on their backs? It's early and it's my attempt at humor.
    (I just watched an animal show where they mark the sheep with paint to show which ones they've drawn blood from for testing so they know when their done). Or just put numbers on their back like racehorses.
    I really must stop, too early to be laughing this hard.

  2. Funny girl! The numbers idea though...not bad! ;) I doubt they are the same mice, truly. I am releasing them quite a ways away and they would have to travel a marathon in mouse terms to reach the house again. And the route brings them by the barn.....Unsporting as it is, if they venture back in Castle direction, they come to the feline mousing duo. Never too early for a good laugh and I'm glad to start your Monday morning off right!

  3. How do those pups of yours get so cozy and cute?! Is that a terrier habit, the burrowing under covers? Sure is in a dirt hole!

  4. Your vest looks great! You did a wonderful job, and I love the little added woven piece.....Anna

  5. I love that black linen vest, and the additon of the woven hearts is so sweet! I'm with JCMurray-I think you should mark each mouse before release. We actually did that years ago and did find that they were returning. No havaheart traps at this castle-it's serious traps in my house this year. Nick always alerts me to a dead one in the attic.

  6. Oh how fun to use my little hearts as a surprise hiding inside your vest until you unzip it! Speaking of which, I need to weave more of those scarves, they sold as soon as they came off the loom. Maybe next warp that goes on the AVL.

  7. What a nice vest, with a really unique handwoven embellishment!! It's so hot and dry here, with three forest fires burning in the area. How I wish it would get cooler and rain....

  8. Nancy, WEll, they all do love to snuggle, mostly the short haired dogs. Those are down throws and even in summer they love to burrow into them. I haven't had a dog enjoy lying in a dirt hole since Dennett, who loved to excavate a deep hole and hide there growling at any and all that might be interested in a take over.

    Gosh Mary, I would think the end of the driveway was plenty far. I'm just wondering how I would get markings on those little buggers. It would seem the catch program has fizzled, no mouse this morning. Maybe we got them all!

    Oh Cindie, yes, more of those pretty hearts. I did love using that little sample and thank you again!

    Judy, the hot dry continues here too, Too hot, too dry, fire danger heading up to extreme tomorrow. I'm looking forward to wearing that vest when we get a bit of cool down. Hopefully soon.

  9. I so wish I could send you some of our rain. And cooler temps, it's hard to believe we're in August!

    I have to say that for all your sewing successes, I'm surprised you don't mess up a bit more. You're averages are pretty darn fantastic I'd say!