Friday, August 17, 2012

Victory with Anouk

To say I was pleasantly surprised with the Victory Patterns Anouk top would be an understatement. I grumbled over it being a PDF pattern and Gene grumbled over the 50+-pages containing both instructions and tape together pattern pieces that he had to print for me. I don't have a printer hooked up to my computer, so Gene is designated "Print Shop".

The instructions were quite good, the pattern drafted beautifully. Something I also really appreciated was letting you know right on the pattern, which markings to do on the RIGHT side of the garment.  The nicely shaped European style armhole fit close and high on the body and the sleeve set in in the blink of an eye.

 Now I made a couple of adjustments which, in the end, I didn't need. I added a bit of width to the top front & back making it a bit too large. With the deep yoke and stiff regular printing paper, it was hard to get an accurate idea of fit even on Rhonda, so better a little large than a little small.

It certainly will accommodate a turtleneck underneath for fall wear, so I'm okay with it on this wearable muslin. I also found the little peek-a-boo space under the yoke to be much too low for me, so I worked in a panel to cover it up completely. Next top I'll either shorten that space or cover as I did here. And this pattern is earmarked for at least a couple of variations.

 I certainly will be shopping another pattern or two from Victory based on my positive experience with this one! It's very comfortable as you may or may not be able to tell from the wrinkles on this one.....

The heat has continued up here, with temps at 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. in the mid to high 90's F. I don't know how folks do it in the south or south west because that kind of daily heat just saps the ambition right out of me. Gene, on the other hand, always waits until now to begin his big summer project. Go figure! This year the front porch is being stripped down to bare bones. We've had a problem with leakage and cracking from the get go out there. He's doing an epoxy cement with a pebble finish on top. We're hoping it will fix the problem since the special epoxy is not prone to cracking in the cold and is quite water-proof. It's often used for the hardscape around pools. After that is done, the mini excavator will be rented and deep holes dug for a large front deck. The front of the house has always been a bone of contention between Gene and I. What to do with it? Finally we hit upon a solution that we were both jazzed about and didn't require lots of retaining wall building, french drain moving and super high landscaping costs. I'm, of course, elected for the supervisory position although, to clueless outsiders, it might look like a gopher position. Don't be fooled! ;) I'm leaving my paint brushes in storage this year. Concentrating on that project and finishing up every last taunting curtain project.

In farm news, we're back to this for morning feedings. It may still be hot, but Summer's hold is waning.

 Parting shot: Sewing room snopervisors (Smoochie & Robin), snoozing on the job! Thank god I don't pay these guys...


  1. Congratulations on your Victory victory. It's a beautiful top, and looks super comfy. I like your idea of wearing a turtleneck under it. I'm not familiar with Victory patterns yet, so thanks for the review.

  2. Oh that's a really cute top - in this heat you're thinking positively that it will cool off's not feeling that way to me in the 103 temps in the valley.

  3. I really like the looks of this top, and the fact that it is well drafted is a plus for me. I've looked at the line but I cannot visualize the patterns on me. More imagination required! :-)

  4. love your keyhole-less variation- I just got this pattern and can't wait to start taping (said no one ever!) Did you interface the front pieces? I'm worried about them becoming heavy breastplates.....

  5. I admire your patience printing out and taping together 50 pieces of paper. Good thing it was a nice fitting pattern and not a waste of time! Now the question...where does one store that volume of paper all assembled into one puzzle? Folding it up and getting it into some sort of envelope will be a job! The pattern really lends itself to multiple fabrics doesn't it? Looks like one of your doggies has his eye on you!!!

  6. cuckoochanel, It IS comfy. The patterns are mid priced, not many yet, but worth a try if you see something you like.

    Cindie, thank heavens for the little cool off.

    Mary, I could see you in that sleek little jumper with the small cap sleeves..Chloe

    prttynpnk, I sent you a reply via your blog. Have you gotten it taped yet?

    mrsmole, I *really* loved the looks of this top and yes, it does lend itself to many options with fabrics. On the folding, I get it down to gallon size zip lock and store it with some of the larger pattern envelopes.