Friday, August 10, 2012


That is the sound of another week zipping by. Some weeks just seem to do that don't they?
But it was a full and productive in it's own way. Each day had a highlight.

We'll start (predictably), with Monday, a day devoted to the drudgery of house cleaning. The weekly round-up of dust bunnies was vastly improved by the start of a "clean off the bolt" sale at Fabric of Vision. If you finished a bolt of 45" cotton, be it organic, corduroy, or just basic cotton yard goods, it was $7.50 per yard.

 I had been petting a few fabrics hoping they would still be around by the 6th and had prepared myself for some Olympic level bolt emptying. I picked up some nice organics and it was a good savings since most run around $19-$21 per yard.

 Yes, I had to buy more than my usual 3 yards, but with the sale emptying the bolt was still less expensive than buying the shorter yardage I would have wanted. These are fabrics I adore so having extra isn't a bad thing. Some fabrics are already ear marked for my Mother and Gene. Gene is, of course, getting something from that nice woven plaid and there is a plenty of that rocket ship organic to go around. :)

Tuesday was spent at home having a perfectly wonderful trail ride with Mary, followed by leisurely lunching over at Howard Prairie. It's always nice to have company and so special when that company can ride. Mary and Dandy make a nice pair and she sure gives him some confidence to lead out on the trails. He knows how to be a babysitter with Gene, but it's nice to see him be able to step up and be a leader on a trail ride with another horse.
Cooper pulled a few ugly mugs over it, but all in all was very good. We have no worries about startling the wildlife with all our chatting and laughing, that's for sure! We got back just as the heat and bugs were taking hold of the day.

Wednesday on the surface didn't look too promising. Peter had a check up appointment at the vet and while I always love seeing Dr. Beth, I wasn't looking forward to it.

 He had been coughing due to his old age enlarged heart and we had been slowing things down with walks in the summer heat. BUT, to our delight, blood work all came back just about perfect and that is grand news on a dog who is 17. The bonus was the tweaking of his meds. She added just a bit of Lasix ( if there is any fluid in the lungs it will help to clear them out), to his Enalapril regime and we started him on Vetmedin, which in simple terms, helps the heart pump stronger without demanding more oxygen. It has few if any side effects and made such a quality of life difference for Dennett during his last two years. By Thursday any coughing Peter had been experiencing was gone. He was bright eyed, energetic and full of beans. This is not uncommon for Lasix as it is fast acting. We're keeping him on it for two weeks and then we'll pull him off and see if he stays cough free. If not, I've been instructed to just add the quarter tab back into the mix. I have included links to all these drugs should anyone reading it have an older dog, as certain types of heart conditions are common in dogs and this is a pretty standard (and successful), course of treatment.

Thursday, after a wonderful walk with Peter (at Olympic pace I might add), it was the designated town day. Like Monday and Wednesday in one week weren't enough! I did get a hair cut, do a little shopping for small companion pieces for the sale purchases (the sale goes through Sunday), and then it was off to the market.

Not a stitch has been sewn this week so far, but I did get Victory Patterns Anouk taped together and then cut out.

 This is my first experience with a PDF pattern and I'll admit it's kind of a pain but I love the pattern and it's nice to support small indy designers. Hooray for big cutting tables!

The prayer flag warp is being threaded and I've been working on the prayers written in silk here and there.

Today I'm not going anywhere but either out to the paddock, up to the sewing room or onto a loom bench!

Parting shot: Robin has also had a busy week! Getting into mischief is exhausting work.


  1. Adding to the STASH should be an Olympic event!!! It looks like you're going for the gold! I'm so glad you took some time out for a trail ride...that sounds like such fun!

  2. Hey Theresa, Looks like you found some great fabric, can't wait to see what you do with it...have fun!!....I might have to stop in today after putting my time in at the Art Center....Anna

  3. Theresa, your new fabric is super I love the gold color fox piece. Peter looks very jaunty with his sweet smile he does look like he is feeling on top of the world. Poor little Robin, it must be hard to be the youngest dog around your house.

  4. LA, it was fun, all of it. I don't consider myself a gold medal worthy shopper. Compared to many my various stashes are modest. I allow so much space and if that fills, then I stop adding. I'm just about at capacity
    right now with fabric, but you know, it drops quickly once you get sewing!

    Anna, hope you had fun at both places. I have GOT to get over to the art center. The window these days looks amazing.

    Thistle Rose, That fox panel and the tapir one I bought years ago. Batik print toweling from Japan and I finally said I was going to use them up, hence the fabric pics. Plans for both all set.
    Peter is a love, and Robin does pretty well for himself as youngest all in all. The two actually are nice walking team. Peter retains his zest for life and being with Robin encourages that.

  5. How nice to see all the fabrics laid out and ready for sewing-you have a great eye for combinations. Thanks for the "shout out" above. Dandy is now one of my equine buddies and I love riding the trail with him. Glad to hear that Peter is in fine fettle and also that you found time to tape that Victory pattern. I like PDF files but hate storing the pieces...they are so messy.
    Happy Sunday!

  6. I am totally blaming you and Ginger Makes for the Victory Pattern shopping frenzy I went on this week- I couldn't stop buying- you know...never leave a man behind!
    What is the plan for the fabric that looks like foxes hauling the ark of the covenant around? I must know!!

  7. What great fabric finds!! I love the shot of Peter-such a grand look on his face.