Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pow! Bam! Right to the Moon Alice!

Who remembers Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners? Thinking of moon voyages long before the space program, at least for Alice! ;) But when you can't get to the moon,  you can bring the moon to you.

 That's what we did last week by bringing the excavator ( this one would look sweet in my barn right next to Bob the Tractor.), over to dig up the front yard for footings.

 My own mini moonscape and unlikely visible from space. And it hasn't gotten any better. Over the weekend Gene ripped siding and flashing off where the deck will be bolted into the house. Cut away some wood that carpenter ants have damaged and in general made it look really, really bad. He has assured me this is about as awful as it will look. Hmmmm.

Should I ever decide to make a moon flight, I have just the thing to wear too.

 I finished up this fun top yesterday. I mean really, rocket ships, planets, friendly looking robots (they don't look like Daleks thankfully), moon and stars.  The plain sleeve got a horizontal pin tuck detail.

 I liked the idea of a double row of snaps instead of the 4 loops and buttons. I am not considering this as a jacket (Sewing Workshops San Diego Jacket pattern) but a shirt, so I needed a bit more closure, scaled it down a bit and added a simple pocket.

I'll admit Saturday afternoon and early evening was completely lost as to productivity. They had a Dr. Who marathon on and trotted out the first episode of the new season. Those Weeping Angels still give me the creeps though.

Along with the top, a fun pair of cargo pants for my Mom was completed. These pics were taken right after completion.

 They need a good press but you can at least see some of the details and those voile lined pockets I worked so hard on. It makes a lovely pocket lining, smooth, stabilizing and adds no bulk at all. For those that might be new, this pattern uses a greatly modified version of Sewing Workshop's Trio pant.

 I'll be whipping up something to complete the outfit although the pants in their deep olive color will go with many, many things.

Friday was the dreaded trip to the vet with Robin and Pogo. Robin was eager for the car ride and instead of putting him in the crate I harnessed him into the back seat with a special travel harness. He did get his medication for travel sickness and acquitted himself quite well on the trip. Pogo did too, but the treats he got at the vet arrived back up on the way home. Toenails were trimmed (muzzle and two experienced people needed), shots given and lots of fuss was made over both dogs. Fingers all intact when I left too. Checkbook not so much. :)

Parting shot: The long and winding road. ( Robin & Peter)


  1. "Don't Blink" is my all time favorite episode of Dr. Who!!! Lots of sewing (and digging!) going on at your place. Love those pants!

  2. What a unique shirt fabric! It brings to mind happy episodes of the Jetsons. The beginning and middle of a project can see rather daunting. Your Mom is going to be quite happy with her cargo pants-nice lining fabric.
    Enjoy your week,

  3. Love the lined pockets on your Mom's new olive pants, very cute indeed. I see that Peter is leading the way - Robin is just checking to see if you notice how great he is walking on the leash.

  4. You are a sewing genius. I love reading about your sewing as much as the canine campers.

    I had a cat once that sat on the vet's head. They always got three people after that, and the gauntlets.

  5. Love the snaps and all you need is a plexiglass round helmet like in the cartoons...ha ha. But seriously it is a cool shirt with that double row and contrasting collar and pocket flap. Do yourself a favor...just don't go out to see what else the men have done to your house until it is done...their idea of a little damage is understated. You need lots of patience dealing with remodeling...stay inside and make more clothes to stay calm!

  6. What a blast it must have been to sew up that shirt-you are so damn funny with your fabric choices. I think I'm being adventurous when I buy prints!

    Well, the yard looks...a mess. Boys and toys. Have fun planning what shrubbery will be planted and be immune from the deer.

  7. LA, YES, that's the one. I'll never have an angel statue in my garden that's for sure!

    Judy, I do love a good rocket ship fabric and you're spot on with the Jetsons.

    Thistle Rose, Peter was leading the way, Robin was hoping I had stopped to dole out a treat. My little white and red piglet.

    LOTL, Oh my, cats on heads is never a good thing at the vet. As to being a genius, well I usually just have fun with it. Letting any thing hobby wise become to serious is a no-no to me.

    Joannly, I did have fun with the snaps although, plexiglass helmet or not, it does look a little space chef, don't you think? It will be fun to wear with jeans and a turtleneck in the fall. Why not I say. I mean I resisted making the donkeys in rain boots into a shirt right?

    Mary, You wouldn't believe the stuff I talk myself out of! ;) That's the key, deer proof. Lavender and maybe some dwarf trees. Do they like those little blue spruces I wonder.....

  8. I love how you combine whimsy and perfect tailoring. It's a gift.

  9. Oh, I really do love that top, especially the yellow collar and trim. I envy your productivity.