Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pick a Decade

 For me, a child born in the late 50's it's the 1960's, early or late. Motown, big cars with lots of chrome and metal, Alfred Hitchcock Hour and The Twist. It started out with Breakfast at Tiffany's and Please Mr. Postman and ended with 2001: A Space Odyssey and Woodstock. So it's no surprise that my fabric and pattern choices remind me of another time. In fashion, I don't think anything is really new, just "updated".  Earlier in the week, I was honored to be able to be able to do some massage work on a friends senior horse. He was a love and a joy to work with and I'm looking forward to another session with him. Afterwards though, we both did a little shopping. The JoAnn's in her area is moving to bigger, newer digs and everything in the old location is on sale. EVERYTHING. All patterns were $1.99. Didn't matter the brand.

Other than one pattern, (that pesky Burda 7700), I found all my selections. Looking at some of them I sure can see retro styling. What's old is new again!

On the actual sewing front, the second version of the Amy Butler Anna tunic is done but for the snaps at the back neck.

 I added pockets to this one. Loved working with this heavy weight cotton oxford type cloth. Wish I could find more of it in some other colors as  it should wear very well. Good thing too, the piece is pretty versatile.  I spent yesterday hemming the living room curtains ( only took 4 years), and at the cutting table.

This week really didn't include a lot of inside time. Cooper got out for a good long ride one day and another we worked on trailer loading. He walked right in, he stayed in, he relaxed and he had to be coaxed out. He may be stubborn about some things, but when he decides he's over something, he is. Today, tomorrow and into the future. I love that about him. You know just where stuff stands with him. Gene made a little progress on the footings. There are eight of them. It has not been lost on either of us that that is the exact number of dogs we have. Hmm. I have heard him muttering about little cement shoes....

The mailman delivered a pretty cool little 60's lunch set I bought on Etsy.

 I've looked for something like this for at least a year. Non breakable with soup/chili bowls (instead of cups) for Sunday football snacking. And how avocado green! Speaking of football, finally, the official start of the season is Sunday. Go Pats!!

Parting shot: Temptation.


  1. Sounds like a perfect week! Good for Cooper, and I love that he wanted to stay inside.

    confession:I went back for more patterns yesterday!

  2. Cute luncheon set! You'll be ready for the games tomorrow.

  3. Looks like you got some great patterns...what a find for that price! Remember when they used to be 75 cents???? I'm glad you got some time for a good ride.

  4. Good memories of times gone by. Enjoy your sewing!