Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Can Be as Bad as One

 Three Dog Night had it right when they sang "It's the loneliest number since the number one." Just ask Cooper who looks like a pretty sad gate keeper up at my paddock. I knew he would be waiting all day Saturday for Nick to return, but I didn't expect the vigil to continue to all day yesterday and I am certainly hoping it will have ended by today.  He is eating well, drinking well and physically in fine shape, but those that don't think animals have feelings need to either get a few or pay close attention to the ones they do have. I can say without a doubt in my mind, they have friends, they have enemies, they love, they get angry with one another ( and make up too) and they grieve. I have no way of telling Cooper he's found a new home. To him, Nick is just gone.  If anything, paying extra attention to Coop has kept me from feeling too sad about Nick's departure.  Dandy has been a steady friend also, hanging with Cooper even though I know he would rather be back up on the hill in the shade of the trees

Nick did me proud though, he walked right into that strange trailer with Mary, made himself at home and said let's get moving onto new adventures. And off they went. I'm told he was a gentleman unloading and sensibly surveyed his new digs without drama or silliness. The end of a long chapter here with us. Onward Ho!

I did bury myself a bit in the sewing room. The Hazel dress by Victory Patterns was a total success. Color blocking in a classic and simple style.

 I had wanted a way to use this deep apple green linen since it came into Fabric of Vision, but it's a hard color to work into an adult wardrobe. This pattern was the perfect solution. The bottom shell is fully lined with a beautiful satin smooth muslin. If I had more of this creamy white fabric I'd be making myself a blouse with it, the hand is so smooth and soft, the weaving tight and firm. The cream bodice is a linen & hemp or cotton blend. It was very nice to work with also. Certainly held a press well.

 I'll be making one or two more of these in tunic length for the fall and winter. The fit is wonderful, not a single adjustment other than length needed. I didn't do the color blocked cuff, it was just too much for me and instead opted to do a simple cuff slit and add a touch of the apple green as detail.

Second up is an almost finished blouse. (That's sun making it look blotchy.) This is Butterick's 5365 another Connie Crawford pattern and quite nice right out of the envelope.

 I like that the collar and stand is sized smaller than many patterns. Nothing screams home made like a too big collar on a blouse.

The dart detailing from shoulder to bust area work to give the blouse a soft easy silhouette
and are quite pretty I think. My only adjustment will be to lengthen the sleeves on the next one. They ended up on the short side which usually is not the case for me.

The big cement pour happened Friday at high noon!

Not near as exciting as when the house foundation was done. Then they had six cement trucks loaded in a line down the driveway with a crew of 4 men (plus the drivers of each truck), and it took most of the day. Friday we had one truck, a meager 4 yards ordered and the driver.

 That meant I was pressed into slave labor. My job was to level off the footings while Gene and the very nice (and fun!) driver poured the next one.

 It took 45 minutes from the time the truck got into place until he left the property. Gene smoothed off all of the footings. This week the actual building begins.

 Okay, I want a cement truck in my barn right next to Bob and that little excavator! They are just so nifty.

If you don't have anything good to say, best not say anything at all. I have nothing to say about the Patriots game yesterday and the missed 22 yard field goal. Nothing.

Parting shot: Red Alert! Code Blue! Everyone to the kitchen STAT! An escaped Timmy!


  1. Aww Cooper.

    Bring that apple green back east to Richmond, VA and you will fit right in! Lovely blouse too!


  2. I adore the newest blouse, very pretty. Agree with you that the upper darts and the nice small collar really make the blouse stand out.

    Timmy Alert! Love the tail wagging.

  3. Sounds like you and Cooper need to spend some time on the will be good for both of you! LOVE the blouse...those darts just give it the nicest detail!

  4. Love both new tops! Am looking at that second one wondering how it would look with 3/4 length sleeves and no cuff.....hmm.....I don't like things (cuffs, bracelets, watches) around my wrist so I might have to look at that pattern with an alteration in's sweet.

  5. We just don't give animals the credit they deserve. When I had to put a gelding down due to colic, my remaining mare watched us bury him (big honkin' backhoe notwithstanding) and stood at his grave for 3 days. She would eat and drink, and go back and hold vigil.

    I really like the 2nd blouse. If I ever figure out how to keep my ADD self from pinging around from project to project, I might make one!!

  6. I wonder if it would help Cooper if you hauled over to Nick's new home to ride with him there?

  7. I love the soft blueish green blouse so much and actually have that pattern. yep, separated at birth Theresa!

    Please give Cooper a big lovey from me and Nick.

  8. LOTL, I'm saving the apple green for next spring, Rhonda has been enjoying it for the last few days and I've enjoyed looking at it is is so pretty.

    Thistle Rose, It is a very comfortable blouse too. I finished it yesterday morning ( snap and hem) and enjoyed wearing it out. LOL, yes, getting un-blurry shot was a challenge.

    LA, today (Tuesday) we are doing just that. The darts are lovely. This blouse pattern is going to get a lot of use!

    Cindie, it would look fine to just taper the sleeve a bit more ( it gathers at the cuff, not pleats) and do a simple fold up or slit self cuff like I did on the Hazel tunic.

    Laura, how true and 3 days may be a thresh hold. I noticed Coop last night not quite so vigilant.

    Michelle, I think he's coming out of it. We'll be hitting the trail today. I'm not sure hauling him down would be the best for Nick tho. He needs to settle in and learn the ropes around different horses too. He's only been with my herd since he was 4.5 months old. He's got mares and strange geldings to learn to be polite with.

    Mary. REALLY, you have that pattern? How funny! Now if only your expertise with knits would rub off on ME! Cooper and the D man got a lot of loving on last night. It WAS nice to have horses to match my number of hands for all of us.

  9. Wow, you are a busy woman and family! Of course, the animal intuition topic is agreed on this farm.Cooper will adjust but it can be so hard for us ALL when waiting it out. As Tom Petty sang "the waiting is the hardest part".
    Your sewing is amazing as always. I want one of your get-it-all-done pills, please!

  10. I had to go back and do some catch up reading. You've been busy and I've missed a lot! I have to agree with everyone else. Both blouses are lovely but the 2nd one is gorgeous!

  11. Is your goal in line to make me re-order my pattern queue? Everytime you show something off, I want it NOW!

  12. Nancy, No magic pill, just a plan and early starts!

    Leigh, It does seem everyone likes that Butterick blouse pattern. Me too. More in the works for it.

    prttynpnk, Absoutely. If you are re-ordering your queue my job is done. Both pieces are super fun and easy to sew.