Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Warrior

I swear, even when I was working full time weekends were rarely relaxing.

I think that is true for most of us. They always seem to be overloaded in one way or another. I know Gene's was! The progress seems slow as there was a lot involved in getting that first carrier beam up. Grading the site, taking elevation measurements, drilling holes in concrete, wandering through Home Depot and notching those  pressure treated 6x6's for the carrier beams.  Oh and the fire call in the middle of dinner Saturday night assured he had "leftovers" when he got back around 9:00. That one was an illegal campfire. Obviously the NO BURNING information signs plastered all over the mountain by ODF wasn't meant for them. For 30 years Gene was a custom jeweler and he brings the same exacting standards to all his projects. Makes him slow as all get out too! ;) But I always know that when he (over) builds something, it's going to stick around for a while. I know this deck will be worth the wait, beautiful and sturdy!

So other than assisting where I could, and staying out of the way when I couldn't there has been other stuff going on. Friday I had a perfectly wonderful time with Mary and Woodrow. Woody seemed to look forward to his massage when he recognized me and through his responses this second time, let me know his likes and dislikes. The feedback is so important for future body work sessions. I also got to meet Mary's two adorable Jack Russell Terriers, Nick and Bandit! They were both cute enough to steal. What I did receive was this lovely Navajo piece about native plant dyes.

 It's stunning in person. Shows the dye stuffs, what color they produce on wool yarn and then used in a beautiful bit of weaving. How perfect. Thank you Mary!

I have been poky in my sewing but I did manage to finish up a heavily modified version of the Victory Anouk.

Gone is the center placket, the resulting gathers, the keyhole, the yoke closure and instead a very comfortable, simple top, showcasing these two wonderful fabrics. A medium weight yellow linen and a beautiful cotton floral.

Since one stable has gone down in numbers, it's only fitting another go up. Yep, just like that I replaced Nick with Ducky, a Pfaff 1475.

His original owner bought him new and lost interest almost immediately. He was wasting in a closet. Heartbreaking isn't it? But like me, she finally realized that it was time to move him along to a more useful and productive life. I promise to provide him a good loving home.

Parting shot: Robin, having a Rin Tin Tin moment .


  1. Busy weekend in your neck of the woods! That deck will be awesome. I think a spare sewing machine sounds like a great idea!!

  2. Don't you just love new toys to play with? Rin Tin Tin is busy scouting the area for bad guys, beware bad guys!

  3. Really nice the contrasting cuffs and tucks. Wow a new machine hardly broken in...what a treat! How nice to have a husband that is so precise and so handy with tools-big and small. Like you say it should stand sturdy for a long time.

  4. MY anouk and I are barely speaking. My tucks are unlovely. Yours is so pretty that it's making me want to get back in the sewing room and try. Maybe I just need the courage of Rin Tin Tin

  5. LA, I have a few spare sewing machines around, but who cares. I do love my fiber gadgets.

    Thistle Rose, At least RTT wasn't barking his silly head off at the possible invading barn cats. They love to sit outside the fence and taunt him.

    mrsmole, Yep, still has that new feel to the compartments and such. Runs like a top too. I do love that IDT. Gene is so talented in the building department. I think he should do more with it! ;)

    prttynpnk, if you e-mail me directly, I can try to lend a virtual hand.
    And my little RTT is stupidly courageous. Do yours have delusions of GSD stature?

  6. Congrats on your new sewing machine! It will be happily humming along now, being creative daily. Long term house projects can be painful to live through, but worth the wait.