Friday, September 28, 2012

The Conversation

Of course it will help to set the mood and list the characters involved. The night was moonlit but not bright, the two main characters are Mr. S. the Skunk and myself.

T: "Christ sakes Mr. S, do you know I almost stepped on you?"

MS: "Why yes and do you know I almost sprayed you? In fact given that you are big,
        clumsy and rather threatening looking, I might just yet!"

ms starts to jump up and down on his front legs, hissing a bit. He even takes a brave hop
towards T ( who has moved away) in the dark.

T: "Now just wait a moment, be reasonable! I have no intention of causing you harm. I
      I didn't see you in the dark. That's a pretty skimpy white stripe you got there after

t is backing away slowly, only to be tripped up by a couple of stupid barn cats. When the dust settles, t is on her back, ms is completely turned around.

MS:  "I can't believe you, you insult me and then you called in back-up! To top it off you
          you are all incredibly inept. I'm not even going to waste the short amount of time
          to spray you. I'm  leaving!"

ms waddles off, tail held high, but turns a number of times to make sure he is not being followed.
t sighs in relief, gets up and dusts off. Stupid barn cats meowing by barn for breakfast. End of scene.

Let's go to a brighter, happier place. Like the sewing room! Everyones favorite Butterick pattern B5365 turned out even better on this second go round.

 The fabric looks and feels similar to a light wool, it has a homespun, almost rough and heavy feel, but is actually all cotton. I love this classic muted plaid done up in such a feminine blouse pattern. And it is as comfortable as it looks.

 Rhonda even got to sport a turtleneck underneath. I have one more cut out in this pattern and then away it will go for a while.

 I need white shirts and will be auditioning a new Burda pattern, #7136, a classic button down shirt. They refer to this as "vintage". Have shirts really changed that much? Maybe, I had to search high and low for the combination of collar with stand and back yoke. The added bonus will be if I can perfect this pattern, I can make some for my Mother. She almost exclusively looks for this type of blouse in good cotton shirting or oxford cloth and they are getting harder and harder to find. Couple that with her height (short like me!), and it gets near impossible to get a good proportional fit.

 Parting shot: Hurry up!  I got my coat on, so let's GO!



  1. I have smelled a few skunks the last few nights when I stepped outside. They seem to be on the move right now! Be careful!!! The blouse looks perfect!

  2. I agree the blouse fabric is perfect! Love the coat shot, such a little cutie.

  3. I was just certain this was going to end badly for you; SO glad you didn't get sprayed!!!

  4. ME TOO! I thought for sure he was, but maybe the cats running from my falling into a veritable cloud of dust ( it was not a pretty sight I'm sure), complete with sound effects made him decide this wasn't anything that was going to be fixed by spraying, best to just beat feet. I've often found skunks to be pretty reasonable if not cornered. I was so busy sniffing the air and looking in the distance for what I knew I smelled with my headlamp I really did just about step on him.

    Peter is always likes to be well dressed. He is just the cutest little old man.

  5. I'm glad your dog knows when to retreat- mine foolish dachsies would have planned a 4-pronged atack ending in yelping, crying and major tub time! Why don't more paterns have back yokes? Is it just to save fabric?

  6. That is about the cutest skunk story I have heard. Glad it ended well, for everyone. They are so pretty, and so arrogant because of their stinkiness. :-) Peter looks ready for the club.

  7. Mary, I never thought of skunks as arrogant but you're spot on. They are!
    I still like them. Peter was hoping for a ride and walk. He got both, we took a short drive down the BLM road for our walk. Had a couple of pretty chilly mornings here last week.

    Prttynpink, Oh the dogs would never leave a skunk alone. Thank heavens for big secure pens. I never take any of them down to the barn during feedings. It's the barn cats that tripped me up fawning over me as they do their daily escort to the barn where they get breakfast! I don't know why patterns don't do more yokes. I think they are pretty and easy. Could be to save fabric, could be that SO many patterns are geared towards being as un-challenging as possible.

  8. Theresa, we have the same dining room chairs! I really like that blouse, especially the fabric. I had a possum come charging up to me the other night, and while they don't spray, they sure are ugly! I screamed like a little girl.

  9. I am thankful skunks don't come around our place. Never sure why, like gophers, we just don't have them. My mother used to have the same blouse struggle. And she too was short so had to have everything altered (I don't take on that challenge). Love Peter's crooked mouth look!

  10. Looking forward to seeing the new Burda blouse and if it fulfills your need for a yoked classic. Just getting a blouse to button nicely without gaping at the bust and pulling at the hips is a challenge. So glad the skunk left you alone and didn't think tangling with you and the barn cats was worth dousing you with scent!