Friday, October 5, 2012


Last weekend, along with a wicked sinus infection and crappy daily headache, our beloved (not) satellite dish AND my truly adored whole house humidifier
crapped out. Hence my very quiet blog this week. We are trying out US Cellular's "Hotspot" package. We have 15 days to decide before a two year commitment. If that doesn't work, then another satellite company will be auditioned. Going with Hughes again, is an option far, far down on the list of possibilities. Thank you Hughes for being such ass hats that you will charge us a ridiculous fee to come and fix your expensive satellite dish.

The sinuses are better, the headache is still there but seems to be improving slowly, a new humidifier is on its way and the deck is further along than these pictures taken last Friday.

 You do get a better idea of the scale of the project though.

 Today, Gene and friend Dominic will be putting on all the decking. I will be making spaghetti and meatballs. I haven't done meatballs in a long time.

Sewing has been pretty slow. A pair of pants done last weekend and a tunic that I need to redo the sleeves on. I'm guessing I was kind of asleep at the wheel so to speak. The dogs have all been good nurse maids though and willing to cuddle up for a nap any old time of day!

On a completely different subject, since Nick went on to his new digs in Klamath Falls and I have just had two horses to deal with (instead of the five I had a scant two years ago), I decided to go back to my original vitamin/mineral supplement maker. Horse Guard. Cooper and Dandy always looked and seemed to feel their best when taking them, but as the herd grew so did the expense and HG for five horses was too costly. For years everyone has gotten a good quality supplement, but not a great one. The two boys are looking great, fattening up for winter, growing in the healthiest curly coats I've seen in years and acting more like 8 year olds rather than 16 & 17. Of course good hay helps too and we have loaded in some really nice hay this year. Our hay guy is the same person who produced Stella and Robin and the older brother to our much adored past farrier Morgan. I didn't even know that until I had to write out a check for Stella to the same unusual last name.

 Parting shot: Barn cat Buzz.


  1. Oh, your deck is going to be so nice!

    Hope the hotspot works out, I know several others that dropped hughes the past couple of years. We use a Verizon hotspot to take over to the coast with us, I also use it when traveling - love it, never have a problem with it - data transfer and cost can be an issue but it's never affected us yet, we use far less than we get.

  2. I wish our locate ISP was available to you down there; they really do a good job in the service department.

    Rick recommends HG to all his clients as an good supplement. There are more expensive ones out there, but HG works, like you've said. He also recommends the Strongid C/daily dewormer. No resistance from the parasites; safe; you're never feeding worms instead of horses; some people even notice they feed less to keep horses in good condition.

  3. The deck is coming along nicely, you will have a wonderful place to enjoy the views when it is finished.

    Sorry to hear about the problems with Hughes and wish I had a solution for you...alas I do not.

  4. Good luck on your technology issues! I hate making all those changes and often feel I am losing ground with each change. Horse guard is my fave and that reminds me I need to go to the Grange for supplies and new gloves. Have a good day in the kitchen.

  5. I have the mobile wireless hotspot from Verizon, and I love it. I was with ATT, and it turned out there were no ATT Towers in my area. I now have exceedingly fast (compared to what it was) internet, and I can take it with me if I'm on the road.

    I feed HG to Tang too - this is the sole reason that she gets grain. She, for all that she will eat anything, doesn't like the taste of the HG, so I camouflage it in 1 solo cup's worth of grain. I like how she looks, and even though she has a selenium salt block, she still won't od on it.

    Your deck looks awesome! You are going to enjoy it so much!! You'll have to move the small loom or your sewing machine out there when the weather is nice!!

  6. I'm thinking of all the cool plants you can grow on your new deck that the deer won't bother with!
    Sorry to hear about those pesky tech problems...what a headache and pain in the wallet!
    Your horses sound like they will be sporting new "hairdos" for the winter and feeling frisky too. So much to worry about and plan for when you go rural.

  7. The deck is coming right along! So sorry about the sinus trouble...I'd be lost without my neti pot this time of year!!!

  8. Oh man, I feel for you. We had Hughes as well when we moved here and a few years ago, our wonderful Oregon phone company elected to install DSL, for which I am eternally grateful.