Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Switch Has Been Hit

Our long Indian Summer has truly come to an abrupt end. No gentle cooling down here.
The weekend brought rain and lots of it, fire season has ended and the storms are starting to line up bringing more moisture. In fact, next week there is snow in the forecast for the eastern side of the Cascades. The nights are cold. Tuesday night we were below 30F and tonight sitting at 36F as I type. We so need the water I can't begrudge any of it, but am hoping that we will be able to enjoy the deck with my folks at least a few days while they visit. Even the trees are late turning this year, lulled like us all by the mild, long dry early fall.

The house is as clean as it's going to get, one more run through, quick vacuum, quick damp mop, fresh sheets on the beds and it's show time.

I staged my chores out this year, took almost 12 days to get around to every room, with some down time built in. I started and cut a wonderful little cape pattern. Perfect for our
50-60 degree days. The challenge was what to do with a just a yard of beautiful fabric.
This one happened to be wool.

 I've eyed this wool on the bolt for so long but didn't have a real idea of what to do with such a small amount. Collar or cuffs, but white wool...not very practical and kind of ho hum for such a pretty fabric. Enter Butterick 5032, one of their retro line of patterns. Now I can assure you there are no "wiggle" dresses in my future, but the cape caught my eye. And what is this? It uses a mere 1 yard of fabric! My wool found it's use along with another much admired but never used piece of fabric.

Long ago someone gave me a good sized piece of actual sheeting. This was a houndstooth with a large mare and foal graphic, probably from the early 60's but maybe even the 50's. It was in lovely condition and I've had it with me for years, waiting for the right something to use it. The cape lining!

 To say I'm in love with this little capelet is an understatement. I would love to do a few more renditions. One with a scarf collar and another dark version to wear around the house. The length is short enough it doesn't interfere with things like washing dishes or weaving and it feels perfect for keeping your neck and shoulders warm. Plus the dogs won't catch it like a knitted shawl.

I also promised you pics of the completed Burda 7136 tailored blouse pattern.

 This still has a way to go. The sleeve placket needs adjusting, the sleeves shortened and the cuffs made much smaller, but all in all after the dart correction, I like the pattern.

I've paired it with the silk matka  pants made from my custom pattern. Silk done this way is such a nice fall/winter weight fabric. Soft and nubby once washed. How cheery to pull these out of the closet on a grey winter day.

In farm news, Gene has complained to the powers that be about the cutting job done on our property. Yesterday we blocked them from coming through with their big swath mower. Part of the problem is they have gone from skilled hand crews to these horrible mechanized machines to save money.  That's fine on government land but small private parcels really deserve better than this. I'm sure there will be more on this in a later post.

The deck looks great. The railings are cut and waiting to be installed, stairs are done and a walk way to the stairs. Only pick up work remains to clear the pile of tools and stuff that has accumulated while Gene worked on this project. Pictures next post! It seems slow going, but really, it was pretty fast. Gene still has a business to run and all all sorts of Fire Department obligations. While my folks are here he'll be working on the front porch and the horse shelter. He must be so happy when it finally snows, then there is only plowing to worry about! ;)

You all know I love dogs and have a spot in my heart for old dogs especially, so I figured I would pass this story along about a man, his old dog, a big lake and the giving nature of people when their hearts are touched. Don't forget to click the video along with reading the brief story. I still need to grab a Kleenex to watch it.
Go Schoep!

Parting shot: Jack, the skeleton in our closet! Doesn't he look happy??? NOT!


  1. Oh Theresa, I have read the story about Schoep and his wonderful human a few times each and every time I cry. Wonderful dog, wonderful human, wonderful community.

    Jack is all dressed up for trick or treat, cute little guy. He does look a bit miffed, but we all know he secretly loves to be the center of attention.

    Your new cape is fun! Love both the fabrics you chose for it. I always admire your fabric choices.

  2. Thank you so much for the link to the video of Schoep and his family. Bandit, Little Nick and I watched it together.

  3. I'm stressed enough about my dad's cancer that I just can't go read a tear-jerker right now; does that make sense?

    Your outfit - shirt, pants, cape - is SO classy!

    Off to ride Horton; rain returns tonight!

  4. Does Jack get extra treats for dressing up???? LOVE the costume! And, you're ready for some grand events, too! You've been busy, that's for sure!

  5. Love the blouse and cape and pants and think you should gets loads of compliments when wandering the streets of Ashland with your mom. How cool to have a horse lining just waiting to be used up!I'm sure you will have a couple nice cool but sunny days to enjoy that new deck before the first snow. Do you take the puppies out trick or treating?