Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Countdown

Here it is already. Less than a week before my folks arrive and a punch list a half a mile long. The deck part is done, stairs today, railings over the week ahead. And you'll just have to wait for final pics! It's a wonderful transformation to what use to be a terrible entrance to our house. We have decided that next summer we'll be doing some grading and fill and a concrete pad which means the stairs this year may or may not be the stairs we finally end up with.

Over last week the power company came and trimmed trees around their lines. I am putting that in nice terms. Let me say, usually they have Trees, Inc do their work. I have no clue what idiots they used this time but it's so bad in some areas I can't even look at it without wanting to cry. Whole trees have been limbed up a complete side and these not even near the power lines, other trees taken out when topping would have been fine.
To make matters worse, they did send in the more experienced Trees Inc guys to take a particularly difficult tree down and those guys looked at me and said we hate having to follow them. The exact words were, "it sucks to be following in THAT draft." I haven't seen one thing wild since the tree butchering began.

There's not much exciting to say about cleaning. It's getting done, room by room, top to bottom. I've managed to finish the Burda blouse and get it into the washing machine. After I finished with chalk lines and adjustments that white fabric had been handled so much it looked like I had worn it for a week! Some gift sewing was done and it all came out fantastic. Heck, I don't even have a new parting shot, so I'm going to leave you with this oldie but goodie from the archives. I'll do better next post!

Parting shot: Stella with her new baby brother Robin.


  1. Oh, that's just awful about the trees. When they are trimmed badly they end up being an eyesore and to unnecessarily take down trees is such a waste. They take so long to mature into something that provides sanctuary for the birds and the squirrels. I hope that your cleaning goes well-I need to do that myself, well, one of these days ;-)

  2. Nothing like cleaning for relatives unless it was something seasonally that you were going to do anyway like scrubbing patio chairs and tables and washing shower curtains. Otherwise it is just a PIA that has to be done. It makes is nicer if they are appreciative of all your efforts and praise your hard work. Your deck will be nice if it is close to being done but don't kill yourself trying to do absolutely everything!!!

  3. We have been through the tree rape many times. We live high enough up they feel compelled to limb everything in their path. It has gotten better of late for a bit. Grrrrr. Have a great visit!

  4. Aw, Stella and Robin are always so cute. I know you must be excited about the deck. I hope you have perfect weather to enjoy it with your folks.

  5. That is so sad about the trees. The parting picture of the pups look so snug and comforting. Still in admiration and awe of your sewing production! Have a great visit with your folks!

  6. A few years ago, the power company had our trees trimmed around their wires. They just trimmed a hole or "trough" around the wires involved and left the outside of the trees alone, so the trees look normal otherwise. It looks like they'll have to be doing it again soon (holes have "healed" and wires covered again). I just hope the same people do it as last time.