Sunday, October 21, 2012


Yep, finally, deck pictures. Now the railings still need to be installed but Gene was so behind on business he had to pull off the deck and get caught up.

 Of course just when it became usable the weather changed.

 Snow and rain predicted all week long. A fine welcome for the folks. The stairs are temporary until next year when we will look at them again and grade and landscape the area but for now, they are fine and sturdy and certainly beat going up and down a ladder!

We have opted not to enclose the underneath with lattice or the like.

 I will likely do some shrubs, clumping bamboo and of course lavender and santolina since the deer hate those items. Maybe a woody herd like rosemary since that's also unappealing to the deer but not as hardy in this climate as I would like.

Since the folks have arrived, I can show you the the small welcome gifts I made. Linen pillowcases complete with monograms. Along with the correct monogram they each got a different colored hem band

 It was my first shot at monograms.

The complete alphabet (and numbers 1-9 I believe), in this circle style from
8 Claws and a Paw Embroidery were on sale for $4.95, so it was not terribly expensive to add this nice set to my growing embroidery selection.

My parents got in without incident after a long and cramped flight. I know airlines need to make a profit but I have say, having so little leg room you can't even cross and uncross your legs or tie a shoe really makes one feel like the proverbial sardine in a can! The folks agreed but everything was put to rights with a nice meal and plentiful libations. The fun begins today with a marathon football viewing extravaganza and homemade pizza! :)
Parting shot: Throw that ball or I will bark and bark and bark and......


  1. Thank heavens there will be many hands to throw that ball!!! Enjoy your time together!!!

  2. Looking good Theresa, enjoy your time with family...Anna

  3. The desk is perfect, now get busy and throw Timmy!

  4. The deck looks great!
    Have fun with your folks!

  5. Congratulations on the deck, it looks super. You will enjoy it so much. The monogramming looks really good too. Very professional.

  6. LA, Oh yes, ball throwing is required when visiting. Stella insists!!

    Anna, Thank you both for stopping by and kudos on the deck. So far, we are loving having it.

    Martha, Okay, we're busy and our arms are getting tired too, but Stella is not. :)

    Cindie, Thank you, we're hoping we'll have some nice weather before the two weeks is up.

    Leigh, The monogramming was surprisingly fussy, mostly getting it centered, but it should get easier now that I understand a bit better getting everything into the computer on the sewing machine and making the adjustments

  7. I see you have found a place of honor for the crustacean (Phylum Arthropoda; Class Crustacea; Order Decopoda). I can't believe I still have all that in my memory banks.

  8. Did you see snow this morning? The pass sure had some coming down! The deck looks perfect and the lobster is a perfect centerpiece for that cozy setting!

  9. Nice work on that deck! That will be quite nice this spring/summer. I agree with you about the flights-I'm tall, so I sit with my knees on the back of the seat in front of me and if they put their seat back it makes it even more cramped! Pretty soon they'll just start stacking people like logs....
    The monogramming is a lovely touch on the pillowcases.
    Great parting photo!