Friday, September 21, 2012

Beep Beep!`

Did you see that? That was my week whizzing by. No deliveries from Acme though, but it is still possible! I have a lot of ground to cover, and I'm going to try to keep it somewhat chronological.

I missed mentioning last week this SUPER cute market bag that was made special, just for me.

 I always envied the scads of beautiful market bags Sandi makes at Fabric of Vision for her Swig & Stitches but I'm not a bag maker. Of course after receiving this wonderful one, I might just have to become one. The bonus, this market bag came with it's own fresh picked  and super sweet tomatoes.

Sandi has kept Gene and I in those fresh fleshy red orbs for weeks. Oh my god, they are so good and the bag has become my daily wear one. Have I mentioned that horses can recognize a carrot stub in hand at 60 yards? I have not flashed this bag anywhere near the paddock and have no plans to!

Wildlife is on the move. Critters everywhere are as possessed as their human counterparts with readying for the coming winter. The raccoons obviously are becoming more bold about checking for things. The grey fox has been a fixture all summer. We've both seen him/her. Gene once with a rabbit, me numerous times down around the barn at morning feedings and sometimes late in the afternoon, watching us from one of the hills on the north side of the property. Skunks too have made their presence known after a long summer with no sign or scent of those black and white furred stink bombs. The lame hen turkey that has passed through our property on a twice weekly basis at least, is still lame ( might be a deformity) and now has but three mature chicks out of a brood of seven. The deer are disappearing as they start to move lower, although the grazing is just as dry there as here. I've spied track of bobcat/lynx and coyotes. No bears so far close to home base.

Monday, Mary and I had a fun meet-up with a fellow sewist and blogger from the SF Bay area. We stopped in at Fabric of Vision to drop off some donated fabric( for the HS fashion program), before our agreed on meet up time and place. Who should we spy, but Shams of Communing with Fabric already there! No need to go to the fountain on the plaza. ;) We shopped, we lunched, we shopped some more. It was lots of fun and if you want to read more, complete with pics, click on the link!

Cooper is much better. The boys are bonding again as a twosome. I saw them playing together yesterday. Not the all out play of their youth, but they were having fun with the face game ( horse people you know what I'm talking about)  and a little chase complete with tail biting and play bucking. Both horses got ridden this week.

 I'm enjoying having a horse for each hand and nothing more.

Wednesday they brought the wood for the deck.

 I was surprised at how reasonable the delivery fee was. $50.00. Heck, renting a trailer and gas would have been more than that. Gene has started work on it, although I need to help him sometime today with the laser thingy getting elevations. I suppose level is a good thing for a deck.

Today I travel over to Klamath Falls to visit with Woodrow and give him a follow up massage. I'll get to see Nick too, but to avoid confusion for him, I'm going to try to stay out of sight for the time being. I know he is in excellent hands.

Parting shot: Keep away #1


  1. My tomatoes have been putting on the last of the season push. I am really enjoying it! Great tote bag!!!

  2. Read about your blogger get together and enjoyed the photos on Biblioblog. Nice bag especially filled with goodies!
    Nice to see your wood delivery and things progressing along and the complete critter report...whew...they all sound like a busy lot of animals running across your front path!!!