Thursday, August 27, 2009

Windows on the World

So, finally after a weekend of hard work and very early starts the back porch can be officially considered a room. The floor painted up beautifully and even with one wall in house siding letting you know the roots of this space, I think it's a fine place.
There us still a little work to be done to the inside. Lighting needs to go in and a set of curtains for the one long sunny wall. I have the fabric and Gene is going to run heavy cable on turnbuckles from wall to wall so I can just pull the drape closed and open it back up with no center support in the way.

The Murphy loom has been officially installed. Gene put rubber bumpers on the floor in front of the back legs and it's just enough to keep him from creeping. Only two small screw holes each side should the loom migrate elsewhere. In fact, they are so small and easily filled I might just have him do this with the other looms.

A very dear friend created the lovely stained glass tree for me the first year I lived in Texas. I was so homesick and the coming of fall and the holidays with no color, no hope of snow, no family and certainly no relief from the heat in sight, put me in a funk I would just assume never repeat. This Sugar Maple in Fall has brought me countless hours of joy and fond memories of exploring parts of Texas with a good friend while picking the perfect glass. As it was said, I am just so about my fall colors. :-)

The prayer flag warp is off the loom and the last length I used to try weaving lavender.
I loved the scent the enveloped me, but I have to say, it was a slow process made more difficult by the fact I waited too long to use the cuttings in weaving.

They were very dry and I would have been better served to have used them in the latter part of the first week of cutting. I took the whole heap I had and deflowered the stems. I'll use the flowers in sachets for my wool/yarn closet. The little pouches and bobbins are what I use for floating selvages.

I have 3 bare looms now. I have wound 60 ends out of 180 for the 11 yard rug warp on the Barbara V loom, I think that linen and wool yarn I picked up in July will go on Hey Baby for a humane society scarf, and I will put my Mother's cashmere scarf on Murphy. The sectional rakes from Hey Baby have been removed and she's ready for me to outfit her with strings (Texsolv) and an apron rod.

None of this is going to happen today though, I got a date with Cooper. We've been talking about a ride up towards the lakes for a couple of mornings now and today's the day. The scenery is always nice and he hears the grass is pretty tasty up that way. I'll spend some time on him fluffing out his tail and taming his mane along with his regular pre-ride brushing. He loves to be fussed on that way and I swear, he knows when he looks all primped and prettified up.

A good grooming is much more than just cleaning the coat. It warms muscles and gets an animal ready for the ride. Good grooms knew this and it is an important part of the warm up, just as a soothing light brushing and some easy stretches should be part of a good cool down once the saddle is off. A groom use to be considered a very important position. They can make or break a working stable. Every part of the horse is gone over by hand. Any tenseness can be felt, any heat in the legs and hoof and any flinch needs to be investigated. The only way to do this is with touch and knowing the horse at hand. Your fingers pick up knowledge your eyes would never ever be able to tell you.


  1. The room looks fantastic! So inviting. Love all the windows!!!

    Those rubber bumpers are a good idea. Thanks for including a picture of them. I've never been sure what people are talking about when they mention them!

    That is a gorgeous stained glass!!! Your friend is very talented.

    The prayer flags look great!!! I like that you did a pattern in them.

    I keep eyeing my front yard lavender plant with different ideas of what I might do with it. Cut it back. Use it for sachets. Use it to weave. For now, it's just going about its business....but time will tell!

    Sounds like your date with Cooper will be great! I like learning little bits of horse lore from you! Hope your ride was fun.


  2. I'm with you on fall colors, but they're different here. I just love fall - how it smells and looks. Your no-longer-porch looks fabulous!

    I've been thinking about ordering Texolv heddles for my LeClerc but haven't done it because I'm sure I want to spend the money. If you did that, maybe I need to follow suit.

  3. Love the sunroom / bedroom/ loom room! The windows really make it..
    I can just imagine a nap out there.
    Nothing like a sun warmed room..

    Now your Elmer Fudd hat with cyclop light is a riot!
    Nothing would convince me to be up that early....I've seen a sunrise or two and I'm good.

    :) Susan

  4. LOL, Susan I understand about the sunrise thing. I think some of us are just born early risers. Of course after 8 or so in the evening I'm useless.
    Funny you should mention a nap, I took one out there yesterday and it was positively perfect.
    Sharon, if the loom is a jack loom, the Texsolv won't provide enough weight. I can't remember which LeClerc you have. If it's a counterbalance loom though you're okay switching it.
    Thank you all for the room kudo's. I'm very happy with this space.
    Susan, cut and dry some of the lavender you have, even if you only keep the flower heads in a container, just opening it in January will bring back summer for a little while.

  5. Your porch looks absolutely perfect! Great job, both of you!

  6. The porch is wonderful - again I am jealous! Did you make the stained glass piece??? It's gorgeous and I can see why you have it right there easy to gaze upon. Enjoy the beauty and i look forward to the pieces that will result!