Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Patterns and Warp

My bad for not putting all the necessary information up about the patterns I've been showing. Let's correct that now!

The sewing pattern for the vests is an Indygo Junction pattern #IJ730, Easy Silhouette
Vest and has 6 different variations and sizes S-XXL contained in the one pattern. The cost was $12.95 my end of the world.

The Isabella knitted vest ( one with the big ribbed collar) is a pattern out of a Debbie Bliss book Rialto. It was published in 2007 and has since gone out of print but you might find some copies here and there.

The grey and black vest is Sakiori I from Folk Vests by Cheryl Oberle. It's a nice book and has a few vests I really like in it.
I have started one of the choices shown in a previous post, but no pictures yet as we're only about 10" along in the back.

Hey Baby is getting herself all dressed up in wool. I am trying something different for beaming on. I am REALLY avoiding the sectional warping like the plague. I simply didn't know how much yarn of each color to put on bobbins and had no plan to figure it out since I did all the color changes as I went along. I read on Tien's site how she learned to treat a warp on a sectional beam just like a plain one and the lights started firing. Why couldn't I do the same sort of thing? I have yet to find out the pitfalls, one is no warp separator, either paper or sticks, but have great confidence that Hey Baby can do a good job with this sticky warp.
I made up the lease sticks myself and the apron rod tied on is actually a cut down fiberglass fence post used in electric fencing. They are strong, light and smooth. Much lighter than a metal rod of the same diameter would be. I'll take my time spreading this warp out into the raddle. It's a very lively warp with a mind of it's own but promises to be very unique when done. I certainly hope so!
On back porch news, the door is in. We've had this door kicking around since it was replaced by an all glass french door. Now, that would have been my choice here too, but it made more sense to reuse/recycle. Having the door in means the 8 little furry dwarf's can go sit and look out the windows (and bark their silly little heads off) at the fauna and flora. Really there is a silver lining to my noisy pack. None of my horses is phased a bit at a bunch of dogs rushing a fence at high speed and high volume.

Now quiet bicycles coming up behind them on a mountain trail is another matter all together and I had that happen the other day riding. Needless to say the 20 yard dash into the trees while spooking was exciting and I can't remember Cooper EVER being that wigged out, but we managed. We went back and sniffed the bicycle and even got a treat from its rider. Coop got his wits about him quickly and faced what scared him easily. He is such a sensible horse. Truth be told when the cyclist called out from behind to let us know he was coming, I jumped just as much as the horse. It was all so quiet and we were each in our own little place. We've never seen another human on this part of the trail let alone one on a bike. We finished our ride pleasantly enough and none the worse for wear!


  1. I love your sense of the warp - that shows a lot of experience. Somedays I can't imagine what it would be like to have a Hey Baby and other days I am so jealous! Glad to hear about the back porch and Cooper! The quiet of the woods can be mesmerizing sometimes.

  2. Jennifer,
    If you ever do decide to dip into those floor loom waters, I know myself and a number of others will be there to cheer you on and help you out. There are many lovely looms on the used market, some small and easily moved along if the bug really bites to try it.
    Cooper is a good guy. What I liked about him was he accepted he had been frightened and got over it, no jigging or worrying about something behind him afterwards. We got right back into our groove. :-) How's your Shadow?

  3. I have no clue about sectional warping, but I love the warp colors! I'm seeing forward to reading more about this project.

  4. I love how that warp looks!! This piece is sure to be specatcular!

    Thanks for all the pattern specs!! I try to use blogging to make myself better about keeping track of things like that - even if just for my own benefit - but it's still something that's hard for me to make myself do!

    Most of my real-life weaving buddies are sectional warpers. So far I'm resisting the tempation. I'm not very mechanical - that's my excuse at the moment!

    Low windows definitely do increase barking opportunities. Maybe they should have covered that in Bailey's barking class!

    There are a lot of mountain bikes on our local trails. Usually we can hear them coming - if it's more than one person they're pretty loud - either from talking or just all the jangling and clanking. Every so often one of them surprises me. I hate that feeling!!

    Can't wait to see what you do with this warp!! I love the look of it so far!!


  5. The main reason I took up tapestry weaving was the ability to work in a small space. I simply don't have it for a floor loom - at this point. The other thing is the tapestry really takes up all the time I have - at this point. It works for me for now. I just sometimes wonder about making yards of fabric, or even just rugs.
    Shadow is doing well. We had an oops in the house yesterday while we were at work and I'm trying to figure out how we set him up wrong. On the positive front I think I've finally found a chew toy that will last more than a couple hours! We've been through a number, but I've finally settled on a nylon Nylabone. He'd go through the edible Nylabone in an hour. A compressed rawhide in 2. I also found Second Hand Dog at the library and I'm starting to go through it. Thanks!

  6. I do sectional warping most of the time, except for the chenille scarves, so if you have questions, I'll be happy to help. I need to have you to the studio one of these days when it cools off.

  7. Kris,
    I got a ton of questions but they can wait until we both have a minute to catch up.:-)
    As to a portion of the warp, I'll try to keep a clear good sized section for you if I can. I was so thrilled to have that green with orange flecks in it when I went searching for a little something more....thank you!