Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Summer's Done Gone By

I know the calendar still says it's summer, and the weather is pretty summer like too, although nights are getting chilly up here with average temps now in the mid-40's.
What tells me the summer is kaput is the daylight, or lack there of. I have officially dragged out the headlamp and Elmer Fudd set-up.

The headlamp is too heavy and large for my head "neat" so I need a hat. This one is perfectly suited to get me through until I no longer need man made light to stagger around the barn at my chosen feeding time of 5:15 a.m.

This morning in the dark after dumping my heap of hay for every one's morning munch out I headed up the driveway on Bob. There is nothing like driving a tractor with no lights and only a headlamp. The deer we saw at the end were transfixed by the single light. I picked up four pairs of eyes scattered over both sides of the driveway.
Looked like bucks mostly, big, handsome, in velvet and starting to plump up their bodies and their coats. It's a slow ride up the 1/4 mile and back and just a nice little diversion to sit and think.

I love these subtle seasonal shifts, one foot in summer the other in fall, the dogwoods changing colors already. It's like we are all taking a big relaxing sigh before the industry of fall descends on us in a rush of wind, rain and falling leaves. The chipmunks and squirrels aren't stuffing their cheek pouches with abandon, yet. The young of all species haven't quite been weaned and kicked out to make their own way,
but it's coming. Spots are disappearing off fawns, udders running dry, the batch of wild babies are all becoming hard to distinguish from their parents they have grown so much. Do or die time is right around the corner and in the world of people, at least in this country, it is a noted day also. Not only the end of a season coming, but the end of an era with the passing of the old lion Ted Kennedy. Time reins us all in.


  1. your writing is beautiful - what else can I say.......

  2. I've noticed the light change also. I look at Shadow and think how will we work this out when it's below freezing? But as with everything else we'll find a way. For now today's all I have.

  3. Thank you Cindie, I'm so happy you enjoy stopping in at my blog for a read regularly.

    Jennifer, I remember dog walking in winter. I had 3 to do when I lived in Gardner MA and I handled it by buying the prettiest, warmest coat I could find and some great ski gloves. Good boots too are a must.
    These days with the cold, slush and muck I like Bogs,
    warm and waterproof. Much as I grumbled at times about the daily constitutionals ( like in the cold dark mornings before I had to leave for work), when I got out there, I enjoyed myself, but winter is my favorite season. The dogs don't tarry as much in cold weather either and got down to business PDQ. :-)

  4. I would love to see you in that hat.

  5. I think the hat is a great idea.

    I have to say that one of the things I miss about living in the north is a definite autumn season. Fortunately in the Blue Ridge Mountains we have good fall color, but it never lasts long enough for me.

  6. The tractor ride is laugh-out-loud funny, thought probably not at the moment.

    I am fascinated at how the seasons mean different things in different regions. I grew up in San Diego County. My mother bought me back-to-school clothes and they were just too hot - we didn't cool down until the end of October.

    We'll probably have to set a morning fire in the next few weeks. BTW, I like this better than San Diego~

  7. Hilary, You might have to use your imagination on the hat pic, but you never know. :-)

    Leigh, I miss the fall color, and with mostly pine and fir at this elevation, I have to go to town for a pop or two of color.

    Sharon, Tractors rides are fun and funny excepting when you almost tip Bob over thinking you can do something. I can't imagine growing up in a warm climate. I'm still scarred from seeing Santa in red shorts in Texas, oh and the fried turkeys.

  8. We finally got a taste of cool weather overnight. We went from a high in the high 80's yesterday, to the 40's overnight. After all our heat and humidity in the last few weeks, it's a welcome change & I look forward to fall!

    Love the headlamp and the hat!!!


  9. Your new room is awesome......lovely light.