Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let's Get Colorful

Starting work on the mixed orange wool warp. There is a little bit of everything in here,
but it is all wool.
Some hard spun singles, some 2 ply of different weights and some Harrisville Shetland wool which my friend Kris gifted me with earlier this summer.

As is typical of my weaving, I have a vague plan. I know the size and sett and the type of weave. Plain weave for this (I think). Could change to twill, we'll see what strikes me when I get it on the loom. My DH made a pretty good suggestion. Why not make a polar fleece rump rug in orange and do this pretty wool warp as a bright vest to wear when riding. There is some merit to this. Horses are kind of cruddy at times and I sure am not one who feels the need to wash the beast on weekly basis. Rump rugs and saddle blankets live in the barn where they can be exposed to moths, mice and ...well skunks!

Polar fleece is warm, light, durable and very washable. No one will cry if something happens to it. Yes, hair sticks to it, but hair sticks to wool too and I won't be able to really clean the wool in the manner it might need without shrinking or felting it.
So, I dragged this pattern out and I think I'm going to give a whirl with this orange yardage. Either way, I have enough yardage to do the rump rug should I change my mind again. :-)


  1. Every so often, the men in our lives surprise us with ideas so good we wish we'd had them ourselves, eh?? There is a lot of merit to his thoughts on it!!

    That would be a great vest to wear in the fall in the woods. Now it makes me have vest envy. (My blaze orange is pretty much hideous - but very bright!)

    The warp looks great!! Looking forward to watching it take shape!


  2. Sounds like a very good suggestion indeed. I love the warp and I love the pattern. It will be fun to see how it turns out.

  3. Sue,
    Since this is going to be all plain tabby weave, it's ideal for your Toika as it sits. :-)

    So good to see you! I'm loving this warp too, while I thought it would look too southwest with the colors, it reminds me more of Morocco with the addition of the purple from the saddle blanket weaving.

  4. Thanks for stopping over at Crazy as a Loom......
    I think we are of the same mind.....I mostly start my weaving projects that way.....kind of have a clue, and somehow it comes together. I call it creating as I go. Not everyone's cuppa tea, I know.
    Love your windows, and the new room....gave me LOTS of ideas I am sure DH will not like.
    And the dog on the header looks just like one we had years ago.....could be a twin!
    And please tell me where you got the vest patterns.....both of them.....LOVE THEM.
    I'll be back!

  5. That is a great idea on the vest - you need to make a big deal over that. Oh sorry I'm falling back into the training Shadow mode - "Good Boy! Good Boy!" I like the patterns also!

  6. Seriously. Sewing with handwoven yardage in on my horizon. And I'm going to cut into my precious fabric to make a garment. I hate the Kemosabe look.

  7. Hey Theresa, Love the warp! Let's see, did I perhaps give you the green? Does that mean I own a percentage of the yardage? ;-)

    Can't wait to see the vest, I like that idea so much more than the rump rug, and I don't think the horse will care.