Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stops, Starts and Color Sampling

The wool warp is finally seeing some weaving time. Monday I got the reed sleyed, one and quarter times! I started out with a 12 dent reed but after sleying 7 inches I just knew it wasn't going to cut it. The heavy accent yarns were a very tight fit and I could see abrasion problems down the road. I un-sleyed the inches I had done and replaced the 12 with an 8 dent reed. It was much better and I was able to give those thicker yarns more room. I tried propping the reed up flat but that required putting the breast beam back on. I tried hanging it and finally went back to just sticking it in the beater and putting that back on the loom and leaving the breast beam off while I sleyed.
I also learned it's easier to just drop the treadles and start fresh with a new tie-up than to figure out what I can save from the last tie-up. Wasted a bit of time and had to go back down and correct a mistake.

I tied on and starting sampling some of the colors and had quite a lot of fun trying things out.

I also found I as getting a lot of draw in and had to adjust my end feed shuttle. I struggle with selvages. They are many times fairly even but the draw in is the bane of my weaving. The adjustment helped and I have started in with the color selected. More pictures to follow in a future post.

In other news around the farm, the horses indeed got their trims yesterday. Morgan arrived early before it really heated up and was done in under an hour.

Sadly, one of our resident fawns was hit and killed by a passing vehicle. The wild clean up crew of buzzards, big black crows,ravens, coyotes and fox ( a grey one was spied by Gene at driveways end carrying off a leg) have reduced the baby to bones already. We have many travelers passing through in the summer and most don't realize that the deer are active and wandering at any time during the day or night. They seem to always go in twos and threes. When we see a deer run across the road, we slow down waiting for the second or third one to follow. In summer, it's always time for deer hence always "deer-thirty"( a.m. or p.m. take your pick).

After 3 plus weeks of no sighting Puck has moved on to somewhere else. He stuck around longer than I would have ever expected for a tomcat. On going out to the barn this morning I did detect a possible reappearance of Bond the skunk. Time will tell.

Dennett, the resident grit sponge, who loves to roll and get as dusty as possible in the dirt, got a bath. He is so darn good about them too. You sit him in the big laundry sink and he stays put while you grab towels and rinse and such. As long as you talk (loudly) with him, he's happy to wait it out. He got a long ( for him) walk up the driveway and across the road onto the BLM road for a bit. It was hot and I wanted him to dry but at 16 I hate to push it too much considering he has been on heart meds for two years now. He was every bit the jaunty handsome terrier, taking his person out for a stroll and clean too!

I couldn't resist and slept our warm night on the enclosed porch. Gene passed as the heat doesn't bother him a bit and a double bed with 4 dogs on it is cramped compared to the king sized bed. Even with one person clinging to the edge! It was a beautiful clear night. Up here with no light pollution we are lucky to see the vast night sky in all it's glory. I spent a fair time awake star gazing, listening to frogs sing and the small creatures of the woods come out and rustle about. We were cool, comfortable and protected.


  1. This are very exciting colors, I look forward to follow this project. It must be very hot at your place! We have only 10 degrees Celsius right now, so sleeping is now problem...

  2. You named the skunk???? Bond at that? Is it Bond, James Bond? I could just hear the frogs and am jealous of being able to see so many stars! what a beautiful way to sleep!

  3. YES, I named the skunk, he/she was a wily skunk and out foxed me at every turn last winter. So deserving of the name Bond, although we did take to calling him "double O" by last March. Everybody has suggested we just kill the dang thing, but I can't bring myself to do it
    and neither can Gene. If he becomes a problem again
    we'll try a trap and relocation angle. I'm sure we can find suitable digs around the monument.

  4. Love your colors!! Can't wait to see the finished fabric.

    Sorry to hear about the fawn being hit by a car. We've had our own share of hitting dear. Seems like major damage to our vehicles each time.

  5. I am so envious of you and your weaving on the Delta.....soon, really it will be soon. The colors look great - you'll certainly show up in the woods when the hunters are about.

    You know my thoughts about the are so kind to all of the animals.


  6. Love seeing the warp color samples...and am on tenterhooks waiting to see what you've chosen!

    Sad about the fawn. Gross Bailey story to follow....

    One winter in the woods there was a deer leg that must have been moved by coyotes. It got frozen into the edge of a stream. We were out walking and Bailey and his best dog friend dug it out and were running down the trail with it.

    Ugh - told you it was gross! Sorry!

    It's great that Dennett is so good about baths. Our pup is weird about water. He obviously loves to swim (so he loves voluntary water), but when we hose him down or give him a path or even drip water on him, he hates it. Too funny!

    I'm jealous of your whole sleeping porch idea. I think I could sleep on our porch, but bug season is in full force, so even with screens I'd be worried. Before the snow flies I really should give it a try!

    Don't keep us in suspense for too long about that warp!!