Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where in the World Has Murphy Gone?

He's not here, where he use to be, but Hey Baby has moved right in and fills the empty spot quite nicely. Some progress made on the wool warp and hopefully it will get beamed on today.

He's not here,

but this old chippy bedstead (complete with a cushy mattress) certainly makes the new sunroom inviting for an afternoon snooze, a guest or small terriers to have a birds eye view for spying for deer, turkey's and squirrels on the back forty. Maybe it's odd to have a bed on the porch, but I can't think of a better place to waste a little time no matter what the weather, and there is enough room for everyone to cuddle in.

Dennett is heading towards 17. He doesn't see well, but his nose still tells him when there is something of interest and Jack will certainly let him know the second something pops into view.

He's not here on the padded bench seat ( complete with doggy beds in the cubbies underneath. Peter and Pogo certainly think the arrangement is pretty nice. Peter is 14 this year, he is so white in the face now. When he was a young dog his face was all black with just a little white dash above his nose.

Here he is! He too has a nice view of stuff going on and so does anyone weaving at him. You can see the dog pen fence line and while it's not visible, the horse shelter is
in view too beyond the fence line about 300 feet away.

No finish work has been done yet, hence the cardboard covering the opening to the small wall that had to built out for the largest window we could get. Trim starts tomorrow on the inside, after that painting and we're painting the floor too. I love painted floors. I'm sure it must be some Yankee hold over, but nothing speaks to me like the blank canvas of a painted floor. Plus,when it gets worn or you become tired of it, just paint it over with something new!


  1. I completely understand the bed on the porch. I've been looking more towards the futon or convertable couch. Sunday afternoon naps in the winter with all the solar heating is heavenly! Great pics of the dogs - they look so happy to be able to watch out the windows. I've never painted a floor, but have considered it - what paint do you use and how long do you expect it to last?

  2. Jennifer,
    I use porch paint. It's not outdoor stain nor is it oil based, but made specifically for outdoor porches and such. I've also used regular latex wall paint and polyurethaned over it. It last longer, BUT it does yellow some and will require sanding when I repaint. All floors done from now on will be the porch paint. The stairs have lasted 2 years although I may freshen them next year. A lot of it is use. 8 dogs and all those toenails scrabbling around is hard on our floors. They have worn the wood down in places on our "finished" wood floors.
    I've lived in old houses where the painted floors looked pretty good even after a lot of years. Of course back then all paints were oil based and they are a pain to find these days. I like oil paints they are MUCH more durable than latex and I used them on my kitchen cabinets. But, they are a lot of mess and smell to use. The back porch has a composite decking material so I'll have to do a test to see if the paint will last well there. Brand we used is Pittsburgh Paint Floor,Porch & Deck paint 100% acrylic latex enamel in satin finish. HTH! Theresa

  3. Oh a bed on the porch sounds heavenly! What a wonderful idea!

  4. That warp is going to turn into something amazing. I feel it in my bones!

    I would totally have a bed in my sunroom if space permitted. I like to lie down for a while during the day.....resting my spine for just a few minutes. Our porch wicker has a couch, perfect for afternoon napping. So to me, a bed on the porch seems perfect for dogs or humans!

    Isn't it cool how a pack of dogs interacts? Bailey would alert Kodi to things that should be barked at, and then Kodi would join in if Bailey really did find something bark-worthy. Now that Kodi's gone, Bailey just keeps alerting...even on non-barkworthy subjects!

    You guys are making impressive progress on this project. Makes me tired just to think about it!!


    PS: I know your dogs tell you this every day, but they have a great life with you!!

  5. You got a lotta space and you got a lotta dogs,and not so young dogs at that. I don't quite know what you're building, but I'm sure it will all become clear on the weeks to come.

    I squinted so I didn't have to see how beautiful your new Louet is.

  6. Cindie, Sue and Sharon, you are all welcome to come hang out on the back porch bed, anytime.

    Sue, yes, it relieves my spine to lie down unlike just sitting.

    Sharon, we are enclosing the back porch. It was just a floor and roof and it was decided to put windows in to make it more of a room than say, just a screened porch. This way we can use in all seasons.
    It's not really that large, about 11'x14'

    I''m liking the way the warp looks too. We'll see if I can get it nicely beamed on. It is very sticky hard wool and the singles used are spun quite tightly.

    Dogs are neat. Miss Bea watches out for Dennett in his dotage. Walks next to him slowly, ( of course her knee is slowing her down right now too) and sleeps near him. She goes and searches out where he is too, keeps an eye on him. She's no spring chicken herself. The vet corrected me when I said I thought she was 10, she's really 12. Sigh...I wish I could just freeze time.

  7. Theresa, have you ever used milk paint for cabinets, etc. I've heard that is supposed to be very durable and has that old southern look - again where does one find it in large quantities???

  8. Jennifer,
    I never have. Thought about it once or twice, but passed it over for a couple of reasons. Hard to mix the same exact stuff twice ( real milk paint is usually powdered) ,it has a flat matte finish which is not my favorite, best on raw wood and to be really durable it needs to be sealed as far as I know. Of course I haven't looked into milk paint in a long time. There was a company that did nothing but milk paint powder, so it's easy to buy over the internet now.
    I think real milk paint is the one I looked at many moons ago.


  9. And Jennifer, you are most welcome too to come hang on the back porch! Didn't mean to leave you out! :-)