Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Having Fun...Really!

Maybe I should have titled this post serious weaver? Anyway, the mixed orange wool warp was beamed on yesterday morning.

While tall and rather imposing, Hey Baby is easy to warp by yourself using Jane Staffords method with modifications...of course!
I needed Gene to just hold the warp while I released the ties holding the apron rod in place in case the rod itself dropped unevenly back on the sectional rakes (This won't be the norm). It didn't and I wound it that 3
inches until it was resting on the warp beam and let my helper go. He ran and got a camera, which accounts for the grumpy expression. At least it wasn't his little video camera!

Jack knows how to stay out of the way!

The warp went on pretty nicely. It behaved well but needed a fair amount of pulling on the bundles and thrumming by the raddle as it wanted so badly to tangle up and stick to itself.

Of course, after I got it all wound on and the ends cut,

the Texsolv I needed to change it over to a plain beam, arrived. We'll have to see how this plays out as it is. Threading has started but I was only able to get a few inches done yesterday. I'll have more time and less interruptions today..hopefully.

I took Susan's advice at Thrums and purchased a copy of "Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes, Miniature Overshot Patterns" by Norma Smayda et al. It arrived with the 20 yards of Texsolv and is just as wonderful as Susan says! I poured over it for a good hour and then started reading from the beginning. Little post-it arrows have already appeared to mark some of the patterns. My Dad made a foray up to Halcyon while on his way to a boat show and made the mistake of asking if I "needed" anything. He'll learn. :-)


  1. I love all that color in your orange warp - can't wait to see it woven.
    Hope you have lots of show & share for the guild meeting next month.

  2. Glad you like the book!!! (It's funny to think about some one asking a weaver if they need anything from Halcyon!! 'One of each' isn't an appropriate answer, is it?)

    This warp looks so gorgeous. Each picture of it that I see looks better than the last!

    Speaking of large dog sculptures (were we?), I'm pretty sure that there's one being raffled off - in a smaller size - maybe 5 feet high. It's happening in one of the upcoming cities on the dog tour - possibly in Beverly. I found the scoop somewhere in the website The, but I can't remember where now. Good thing you know me, or this would totally seem like comment spam!!!

    You're making great progress!!!


  3. Cindie,

    LOL, I should have something for show and least I hope so!

    Sue, I went right over to the link you sent. The naming contest is for 6-10 year olds, dang! It didn't say 6-10 year olds and some months...BOOHOO!
    I'm going to ask my folks if they have seen the big dogs though. I'm sure they have since Cabot Street is one of those roads you use to get anywhere around town and into Salem and such.

  4. It looks like you might able to just leave the sectional on. I wish my big gal had a built in raddle cause I would just try to duplicate what you just did.
    Unfortunately, I will have to think a different process through and play with it a bit.

    Your warp looks fun and colourful!

    Perhaps your Dad would like to adopt another weaver to the family?

    :) Susan

    PS Glad you are enjoying the book!

  5. It's a gorgeous warp. I can't wait to see how it weaves up. I think the interplay of color will be really eye catching.

  6. Susan,

    I'll let you know how the weaving goes with the rakes still on.

    Thank you Lina!

  7. Okay, now I think I seriously hate you - or envy you. Either one.

  8. Awesome warp Theresa - I can't wait so see the finished fabric! Looks like the new loom has made a home for itself amongst the others.