Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Widow

Well, we knew it was likely to happen. I saved the piggy bank a few weeks ago when Gene didn't get called out by the State Fire Marshall's Office, but about 10 minutes after I got home from my sanity trip into town, the alert came to be on notice and within an hour the "Green Team" was officially called up and dispatched to the Portland/ Mosier area to provide support for the Microwave Fire which started Thursday and had already consumed 600 acres by Friday morning. This isn't a huge fire but it is in a populated area and I guess with grassland involved and heading for the town of Mosier, it was best to play it safe. A lot of western resources are down in California fighting some fearsome blazes outside of Los Angeles.

Now I love Gene but what followed after the official call out can only be described as a Chinese Fire Drill. Gene is not the most organized person I've ever known and to keep some semblance of neatness I take it upon myself to keep everything in some reasonable place. If I let Gene do it, all under the sun would end up by the door where he dropped it. Case in point, his realm, the basement. Anyway, I had put his tent in the back of a closet, neatly with other stuff like his sleeping bag and tarps and soft camping gear. Coolers and camp cooking items live in the basement, the one part I try to keep from being junked up. The man couldn't find his tent. I told him where his tent was and he went to get it. Then accused me of moving his cheese! Imagine, me organizing his tent out of existence. I think not! Well, after I tossed the closet and a few other places, I was stumped. My eyes narrowed and while I didn't know where the tent was, I know who moved it and his initials are GD. He showered, I searched. Seems he left the tent in a large stuff bag he took when he picked up my loom and never unpacked. I found it, and point was made. The sweatshirt he couldn't find a couple of weeks ago was also discovered she adds...dryly.

So out he goes; excited, with tent and a small measure of humble pie tucked under his arm and I am left with Pogo who is bereft his person has abandoned him.

Now, I don't mind being alone, I rather like it sometimes but the Pogo problem does put a twist on things. Pogo curls up at night with Gene, I get a few others who have set spots with me. When Gene isn't home Pogo is like a little restless waif at night.
Jack, Peter and Charlotte are not generous of spirit when it comes to bed real estate.

So, for the first half of the night Pogo moves about between my head and feet, muttering and moaning because he wants Jack or Peter's spot. After about 20 trips either under the covers or over the covers I'm ready to take the little black bundle down and toss him in a crate. We have a discussion, I'm not sure he's listening but I manage at great cost to scoot Jack and Peter and carve out a little prime space . Finally, he circles about 100 times, getting it just so, heaves as big a sigh as his 9 pound body can give and we at last all head off to dreamland.

But back to town, and all things fibery. The fall fibers are arriving in daily and all sorts of beautiful things are starting to appear in baskets and cubbies around the shop at Webster's. Now my yarn budget has been a little tight. Hay and Miss Bea's surgery coming up have prodded me to practice some form of fiscal responsibility. Now that form allows for small purchases, so this certainly fell under that category. What could be thriftier than a scarf I ask?

The hefty skein of natural is Plymouth's Yarn Dye For Me baby llama glow, 95% llama and 5% stellina ( a little sparkle throughout). I love it just the way it is and have no intention of dying this. It's very soft and plush feeling and the skein is large at 273 yards. The mocha and white yarn is Louisa Harding Willow Tweed 40% Alpaca, 40% wool and 20% silk, 128 yards. We'll see if we can't put together a pretty soft scarf with these two yarns.
Hey Baby is ready to go and sporting a plain beam and apron rod.

I have yarns spread out on my little worktable trying to choose what to put on. I'm leaning towards some silk but need to look at some 8 harness drafts before finalizing her next warp and at least 3 uninterrupted days to putter as I see fit. Oh, the possibilities!


  1. I'm The Finder at our house too. Sometimes it drives me crazy. At least in your case, the culprit was clear just from the location of the tent.

    That's funny about Pogo. Well, funny to me....perhaps not so funny to you at the time! Dogs are such creatures of habit sometimes.

    Your new yarn looks lovely - and is as frugal as alpaca and llama can be!

    Enjoy your alone time!!! Looking forward to whatever projects you come up with.

    I'm still haunted by that stained glass you have in your me lots of ideas!


  2. Your new yarn looks so delightful, I love the feeling om llama wool and its natural colors.

  3. In our home, I'm the Keeper of all 'useful information', the Event Planner,medical appts, the Keeper of Birthday dates and Buyer of Cards. I magically know when the laundry is due to be done ahead of a trip, I also devine that something must be planned *now* for dinner later today. I keep the garbage and recycling pick up days in my head. I think you get the idea! I often wonder what would happen if I simply *stopped*?
    But the organize gene in me is not about to be over ridden!

    Absolutely love yarn choices. I love the colours!

  4. ....and does he stand with the fridge door open looking for something and saying it's not there unless it's right on the edge of the shelf ready to fall off??? Mine does and I have to threaten "don't make me come in there".....I always do, not sure what the threat is...........

  5. LOL!! That's called 'refrigerator blindness' and they have actually done a study on it. *True story*

    I have worked out a code with my Hub: if he asks where something is and I don't answer, then it *IS* right there. Its amazing how much attitude you can put into a silence.

    I also buy his clothes, socks, underwear and do an visual inspection before he leaves the house. Seems the 'blindness' extends to colours and fashion too.

    :) Susan
    (Now look what you have started Theresa!)

  6. I guess I did start something. Cindie, the fridge thing drives me nuts too. He'll stand in front of it 4 or 5 times searching for something to eat, usually about 20 minutes apart, like the food might have materialized since he last checked???
    Sue, I have other pieces made my friend of stained glass and they are wonderful but quite different. One I designed myself. I don't think the tree was hard, just time consuming. It's good sized.
    Pogo was not funny last night, although I am in better humor about it today. Tonight, he'll be over waiting for Gene and instead try to instigate Jack and Peter to play. It's just as annoying and I'll be happy to handle the little chubby bundle over to the person who has done a fine job of spoiling him.
    If he wasn't so darn cute I might be tempted to offer him up to the hawks hitting the thermals today! :-)
    Glad you all like the yarn choices, I'm rather smitten with the selection myself, plus I have the added benefit of touch. I've been giving that llama a pet when I walk by it.

  7. As one whose DH (with similar organizational skills )is gone periodically as well, I had to chuckle at this post.

    Scarf is a good idea! Love those yarns.

  8. Great chuckles - thanks. Refrigerator blindness - what's that all about anyway.

    I do like alpaca blend - looks pretty and expensive!

  9. You are so kind to be the finder of the house. I understand wanting to create order and not have it all at the door, but I draw the line at being needed to find things. I create a space that is his own and he may keep it anyway he wants - which also means he endures the joy and pain of it also!

  10. Oh, now that I read Susan's comment....I'm the organizer too. Oh woe is me!

    Anyway, I popped over just to let you know I'll be thinking of you and Bea this week. Hope all goes well!!! Keep us posted!!


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