Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 Men ,2 Hammers & 1 Hour

That's about all it took for Gene and good ( helpful) friend Matt to get the windows in.
They started late, almost 5:00p.m. and were done having a beer by 6:15p.m.

I wish trimming out the windows inside and out could be as fast but it's not. We need to get a door in also. That would be a rhetorical "we". ;-)

Rodger is probably the only one in the house that isn't overjoyed at having another room.

(file photo!)

He has been using the back porch to sleep on and bring his "finds" to. The guys had to clear off a headless mouse ( clan Ichabod ) and toss it unceremoniously in the woods. I don't think they noticed the look of daggers that Rog was flashing them from the back door. If they had gazed into his eyes I'm sure they would have turned to stone or dust, or maybe gone back and retrieved the body ( and a half a dozen others) and brought it back kowtowing to the feline Emperor of the Hunt.


  1. It looks awesome!!! Lovely views out those big, big windows!!!

    Poor Rodger! I wonder what space he'll claim next!


  2. it looks like a wonderful room - I love all the windows. what are the plans for it? fiber???

  3. Hey, those look nice! That will be a really sweet spot to weave in and the cat will get over it (in time).
    Putting the windows in goes's all the painting and finishing that happens after the beers are gone that takes time.

    But it is so worth it!

  4. Excellent! It looks great! I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy them! And whilte you are painting you can dream of all the distractions that will come to check out your weaving!

  5. LOL, I am so looking forward to moving a loom out there to weave and watch.

  6. That's hilarious about Roger. Still, it's a great room.