Friday, June 15, 2012

To Market, To Market

To buy a plum bun.
Home again, home again, market is done.

No plum buns, that I could see, but DH has a standing request for the fresh donuts that are a fixture at our local growers markets. While Ashland holds their big one on Tuesday and another smaller one on Saturday, I prefer the  South Medford one on Thursdays.

 The parking is easy, the crowds less domineering.

 It's just a nicer experience and the standing breakfast date with a friend make the little extra drive worth it.

 It's a smaller market (less crafty stuff), which just showcases the bounty available.

Afterwards it onto the other errand running, feed at the grange, doo-dads of one sort or another at the hardware store, a stop at the fabric store or some other down town destination and then to finish off the weekly grocery shopping. Gas up on the way out of town and we're good for another week. Going down on Thursday also helps to avoid some of the weekend tourist crowds.

We made it to just now on our hay. I'm down to my last 2 bales and around the valley hay is being cut and baled. Gene picked up 6 emergency bales to get us by, but my hay has already been secured for the year. I'm taking all first cutting, 10-12 tons now and I'll add a couple of tons of second cutting in the fall. It's meant some juggling of finances since we usually do the big buy in October, and of course, hay is cut just when property taxes are due. :) But it's a big load off our minds to know that we're pretty much all set for the year on this at least. The horses did very well on all first cutting last year.

Hannah Hollandia has seen some weaving action. I would take a pic but the towel on there right now ended up NOT being the greatest color wise. I need to get through that one fast and onto a better color palette for the next one.

For those who might be around the area this weekend into next, the U.S. National Paragliding Championships will be just outside of Jacksonville OR. Their landing zones are basically on winery properties and it should be quite a spectacle. Sip wine, nibble some great local cheeses and watch the races. My crazy husband will be there on and off during the week, but thankfully, won't be competing. More information is here.

Parting shot: Feline intimidation tactics are quite lost on Stella. She hasn't read the book I guess.


  1. I know what you mean...I love going to the local Farmers' Market!!! Not only are you getting fresh local produce, but you're helping out local folks.

  2. I was driving on 238 one day during the paragliding event, it was spectacular - I had to pull off the side of the road to watch and take pictures.

    We have a great grower's market here in Grants Pass on Saturdays, plus a crafter's market on a adjacent street but I tend to miss it quite often because it is on Saturday so I frequent a local's not the same but a good second choice.

  3. What a fun post filled with the interesting details of your life. The paragliding event sounds wonderful and I'm sorry I will miss it.

    As for hay, our pastures are stupendous this year and I have had to limit time for old Woody. He is staying in until 10am and coming back to the barn at 8pm. Everybody is glossy and fat, and some are on dry lot due to the protein content. Woodrow has been on pasture w/no hay through spring/fall for the last 5 years and I am really pleased with his health. It does take management at the transition times but it is what he needed after retirement. (love that guy!)

  4. LA, YES !

    Cindie, I've heard the GP one is quite nice and the crafter's market too.
    I would imagine you're also at the beach any Saturdays ( and you should be!). Is there one around the beach house.

    Lok for those crazy gliders all week, assuming this gusty weather cooperates.

  5. I do miss the bounty of the valley. We had our opening day of our little farmer's market yesterday and not a lot available yet. Bob helps set up and take down. It is a miniature market with a couple of food booths, about 3 veggie vendors, soap, pie, herbal remedies, jams, hummus, granola, etc. Even live music, which we get to provide one market day this summer!
    I was always in class on Thursdays so never did get to go to the Medford market. Thanks for sharing your market day and stocking up!

  6. What a neat way to spend the day! I bet it's fun to just wander around, seeing what's available.